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For many, WeChat is considered the mobile WhatsApp of China. For any business looking to market internationally, WeChat should be at the very center of its mobile marketing plan.

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The Future of Social Media-Today WeChat compiles many of the features of the world's largest social media platforms in a simple package while incorporating every facet of day-to-day life within it. WeChat is a Chinese social media app that, until recently, was probably not widely known in the Western world. This changed with a decision of the US government to prohibit its hosting, distribution and maintenance, as well as its use for financial transactions, alongside the more widely known TikTok.

Despite launching a mere four years ago, WeChat already boasts 600 million users, with around 500 million in China alone. When it comes to social networking in China (and, increasingly, among Asian-Americans), WeChat is the undisputed champ.

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Every major social media platform is listed on here so you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization. This year I’ve added in two new platforms to the list. With the growing popularity of Chinese social media networks, it’s only right that I include WeChat and Weibo. Chinese social media apps WeChat and Douyin will make its decisions public this month, according to people familiar with the matter. The US Commerce Department, which will implement the bans for national security reasons, is drafting documents to clarify the specific transactions that will be prohibited between Chinese companies and US companies – and when those bans go into effect, the.

WeChat compiles many of the features of the world's largest social media platforms in a simple package while incorporating every facet of day-to-day life within it. By tapping into this massive resource, companies can roll out marketing campaigns that utilize numerous facets of the user's world.

Here are some of the top WeChat features that companies should be keeping an eye on:

1. Massive Audience Base

With about 500 million Chinese users and 100 million others across the globe, WeChat continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. It's already the optimal medium for reaching Chinese or Asian-American consumers, and that audience will only grow as the platform's popularity continues to spread.

While most apps are self-contained, WeChat has the flexibility to connect to 85,000 other apps. It has been building a business ecosystem, allowing third-party companies to develop functions and services within WeChat to expand its market base even further.

WeChat isn't just a social app; it's a lifestyle app. A user can still connect with friends and family--or reach out to potential customers--but he can also order a taxi, pay his utility bill, buy a plane ticket, split the dinner check, and invest in a new stock. There's almost no limit to what a user can do without ever closing the app.

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The WeChat Wallet lets users link bank accounts and cards to their WeChat accounts to make both online and offline purchases. This also allows users to make purchases quickly and easily right from the app. This helps businesses that advertise through the platform, cutting out the extra steps between viewing an ad and landing a sale.

WeChat not only comes with standard communication features like free calling, text messaging, and video chat, but it also offers a popular 'Hold To Talk' feature that makes messaging a breeze. All users have to do is select a contact, press the button, and speak. When the user releases the button, the message sends.

In addition to its robust suite of lifestyle features, WeChat partners with advertisers and entertainment venues to offer an interactive component to users. To use the popular Shake feature, a user simply has to shake his phone. This allows users to find someone nearby who is also using Shake, participate in a brand promotion, or interact with a nearby event.

WeChat's social component, called Moments, operates similarly to Facebook's Timeline. The app recently partnered with BMW and Coca-Cola to begin integrating advertisements in users' news feeds, joining the many companies already interacting with their customers by sharing news and providing customer service right through the app.

Many renowned brands have set up official public accounts on WeChat, allowing them to communicate with their audiences by sharing news feeds and providing customer service through the app.

After the grand opening of Burberry's flagship Shanghai store, followers were able to take an interactive panoramic tour of the event, including videos imbedded within the interactive 360-degree exploration tool.

To reach the largest audience possible and improve your relationships with future customers, you can even try integrating game elements in your WeChat presence, posting customer surveys to get real-time feedback, and taking advantage of geo-fueled news feed features to target users near your retail location.

If you want your brand to reach a larger audience, you won't find a better medium than WeChat.

This article was co-authored by Nancy Huang, media planner and buyer at Gravity.


WeChat is the most popular social platform in China. You can say that almost everyone is using WeChat in China as long as they have a smartphone and know how to use phone. They use WeChat for working, chatting, reading, paying the bill, calling a taxi, ordering takeout, even more. WeChat is their life in China. Once you use WeChat, you will love it.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a free application program launched by Tencent company on January 21, 2011, to provide instant messaging services. It offers users to make a video call, voice call, sending images, videos emojis, stickers, files, etc. And you can take notes, set reminder just like Goole keep notes.
What’s more, you can use WeChat Pay to purchase almost everything, like order takeout, call a taxi, buy a high train ticket, etc. WeChat covered almost everything in China. WeChat Pay and Alipay cause Chinese don’t use cash anymore. What they want to buy or sell all not use cash but use WeChat Pay or Alipay.

Let me show you some basic analytics data according to the WeChat official report.

Wechat Social Media App

By the second quarter of 2016, WeChat has covered more than 94% of smartphones in China, with 806 million monthly active users. The users have covered more than 200 countries and more than 20 languages. In addition, the total number of WeChat public accounts of each brand has exceeded 8 million, the advertising revenue has increased to 3.679 billion yuan, and WeChat payment users have reached about 400 million.
By the end of 2018, the number of monthly active users of WeChat is around 1.08 billion. And there’re 45 billion messages, 410 million audio and video calls are transmitted on WeChat every day.

What is the difference between WeChat, Facebook and WhatsApp?

WeChat is not only an instant message media platform but also a social media platform. It combines Facebook and WhatsApp but more easy to use.
Don’t you think Facebook and WhatsApp are more like an advertising platform? Alway shows you some Ads there. But WeChat doesn’t show you so many Ads. And you can choose what you want to see by subscribing WeChat official accounts to get news or any other topic information.
Besides, Facebook and WhatsApp are more like a kind of acquaintance social media platform, you can only add friends who you know or you might know. But WeChat allows you to add friends in a random way. You can add friends via Shak, People Nearby (drift bottle is not available since 2019, the reason is there’re so many gambles, porn, fraud).
In my opinion, making friends in a random way is a very good way to make more friends. That’s one of the advantages of WeChat.
Moreover, Facebook is trying to copy WeChat’s payment feature to replicating WeChat’s success. China’s e-payment is far more ahead of most of the counties in the world. No countries are able to compete with.
As I said, the Chinese will not take cash anymore. What they need to take is just a mobile phone. Maybe you will say, you don’t use cash too, because you can pay by credit card or NFC. That’s why I say many countries are far more behind China in Electronic Payment.
Basically, the features that Facebook and WhatsApp have, WeChat have, but the features WeChat have, they don’t.

Why do I need to use WeChat?

The answer is you don’t need to. Maybe you would say that I got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Why do I need to use WeChat? Sure, you can use those social media platforms.
There’s one thing you need to know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram almost all social media platforms even Google that you’re using is not allowed to use in China. Which means they’re not able to access to the social media platforms that you’re using now, because of the great wall of China.
So, let me ask you some questions. As you all know, China is a big country but some of you might not know that China is beautiful and there’re so many delicious food. If you’re planning to have a trip to China, Or work or study in China. How can you contact your friends or family when you’re in China?
If you’re doing business with Chinese, More than 50% of the products in the world are made in China. You definitely want to contact your Chinese manufacturers. But how? Or you want to target China market, how could you make it without the basic social tool?
If want to know more about Chinese cultures and make friends with Chinese or you want to date with a Chinese girl. How can you contact them?
Apparently, you need a Chinese social media platform. That’s why I will strongly recommend you to create a WeChat account. So that it will be easier to contact someone in China.
Actually, there’re only two instant messages social media platform in China. One is WeChat, the other one is QQ. They’re all belong to the same company.
And you might not know that young people(younger than 16), however, older people are more likely to use WeChat, not QQ. and older people all have QQ. Just don’t use QQ too much.

How do I create WeChat account?

WeChat account is not easy to get. Most people need to ask a WeChat user to verify you when you register WeChat account. However, some people don’t. It all depends on the WeChat systems. So, before you get started, I recommend you to find some WeChat users or make some Chinese friends. Because most Chinese have WeChat account, they can verify you easily.
Also, WeChat can be blocked easily. So if you don’t want to struggle with the problem that WeChat account block issues. Please find some WeChat users.
If you failed to get WeChat account, you can sign up QQ account. As I said, WeChat and QQ are the only instant messages tool in China. So,
If your account has been blocked, do not create a new one immediately. Or your new account could be blocked for unnormal registration. You should send feedback to WeChat support team first and wait for a couple of weeks. I’m sure that you will get some WeChat account issues one day if you don’t follow the rules. So please check my other posts about WeChat account issues.
If you have any questions, you can add me on Facebook.