Wechat Pay For Tourists

Wechat Pay For Tourists

WeChat Pay For Tourists WeChat Pay is arguably the most important thing to consider from WeChat if you are a tourist. Setting up a WeChat Pay account when traveling to China can provide you a significantly easier time to send money and make your purchases. During the 2017 Chinese National Day holiday, according to WeChat official statistics, 52% of Chinese tourists with WeChat used WeChat Pay for shopping in duty-free stores. Skin care and beauty products are the most popular goods purchased.

UNWTO released data stating that Chinese tourists will account for nearly a quarter of all global tourism by 2030. With the rise of Asian tourists within Europe, let’s take a look at some interesting destinations they have chosen and ways to boost your business among Chinese tourists by incorporating WeChat Pay.

Europe has become the second-largest destination for Asian tourists after Asia, according to 2018 data released by the China Tourism Academy. Bookings to European destinations have risen 27% in 2018. Some of the most visited countries within Europe are Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Russia and Italy. Other countries within Europe are also experiencing an increase in Asian tourists, thanks to preferential visa policies in recent years.

Group tours have always been quite popular among Chinese tourists specifically. In addition, independent travellers and custom-made trips to Europe have increased drastically as well.

Here are 5 interesting European destinations that Chinese tourists love visiting.

1. Bicester Village and WeChat Pay

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More than 260,000 Chinese tourists visit the UK each year, according to a 2017 VisitBritain report. It is curious to note, that when Asian tourists visit Britain they are most likely to visit historical elements within the country. This includes symbolic elements such as Shakespeare and the Royal Family but also more modern elements such as Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Downton Abbey.

Chinese tourists also enjoy shopping while in abroad. Furthermore, they accounted for the highest tourist spending within the country in 2018 at $277.3. This is probably why Bicester Village, a retail estate on the outskirts of Oxfordshire town, is the second most visited place within the UK by Chinese tourists. Vendors who have incorporated WeChat Pay as a payment method for their retail business are a lot more likely to have increased profits from this demographic.

2. King’s College, Cambridge

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King’s College is a prefered destination for Chinese tourists for reasons which might surprise you. There is a famous tree there – for Chinese people at least. There is a willow which is mentioned in the poem “Taking Leave of Cambridge Again” by Xu Zhimo. The poet spent years studying at the college, before returning to China to lead a modern poetry movement. The poet died at a mere 34 years old and the willow tree at King’s College is now considered a shrine to his lost youth.

3. Bonn

Bonn is a formal West German capital rarely visited by Britons but very loved by Asian tourists. Asian tourists love classical music, such a Beethoven which makes his birthplace an obvious destination for them. Beethoven city tours are in English, Japanese and Chinese.

4. Verona

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Italy has gifted the world with many wonderful travel destinations. While many tourists flock to Rome, Venice and Florance, Verona appears to be on the top of the travel wishlist of Chinese tourists. The country as a whole is very fond of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet so it is no surprise that Chinese tourists flock to the city. There are many queues at the popular, though not authentic House of Juliet.


5. Metzingen

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Metzinger features a factory outlet which is quite appealing to Asian tourists. The outlet features brands such as Hugo Boss, Nike, Armani, Prada, Burberry and Gucci. All prices are nearly 40% less than those in Beijing, though many of the products are “Made in China”.

Attracting Chinese Tourists with WeChat Pay

Chinese tourists will account for nearly a quarter of the entire travel industry and it’s important for local merchants to adapt their business in ways that suit Asian tourist. Furthermore, this will drive more customers and income to their business. One of the best ways to accommodate Chinese tourists specifically is by incorporating WeChat Pay as a method of payment. This will make payment easier for Chinese tourists and will make you stand out from other competitors, as WeChat Pay is a prefered payment method of the country. Finally, don’t forget to put a WeChat Pay sign in front of your store in order to let people know that you offer this payment method.

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Wechat Pay For Tourists

Up until now, the ubiquitous QR codes used to pay for anything and everything in China, was only open to those with a Chinese bank account. This is no longer the case, with Alipay and WeChat Pay opening up their systems to foreign credit cards.

According to data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in 2018, the number of inbound tourists reached 141.2 million, including more than 30 million foreign tourists, a year-on-year increase of 4.7 percent. There is huge demand for mobile payments among tourists. At the same time, many people working in the tourism industry pointed out that to further improve the potential inbound tourism market, China needed to improve all the experience for travelers, including forms of payment.

Alipay's overseas edition recently opened up to international travelers who can register with their overseas mobile phone number on the app, through the in-app 'Tour Pass,' and apply for a prepaid card service provided by the Bank of Shanghai. The prepaid paid will be bound with their own international credit cards to be recharged. This prepaid card has a single recharge validity of 90 days and can be recharged multiple times. After 90 days, the balance will be returned to the user's overseas bank card.

Tencent's WeChat Pay intends to allow international users to connect their existing cards to its app more directly. The company said it is cooperating with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Global Network as well as Japan's JCB to support the linking of overseas credit cards to WeChat Pay.

Some overseas tourists may have noticed that mobile payments can also be used to receive their tax refund at the airport.

Wechat Pay For Tourists

On October 1, Tencent's team launched the 'We Tax-free Pass' Wechat app for overseas tourists at Beijing Capital International Airport. After returning the tax refund application form at the departure tax refund counter, foreign tourists can receive a real-time tax refund to their WeChat wallet.