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Over 300 slides exploring the best practices of the Wechat Mini-program. Including real cases from LVMH, Bvlgari, Christie’s, Ikea, and much more. Discover exclusive insights from our contributors, Matthew Brennan from China Channel, Thomas Portolano from Christie’s, Jean-Christophe Babin from Bvlgari, Victor Ariza from LVMH Innovation

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WeChat Mini-Programs are building on top of WeChat which is a smartphone app, so leveraging WeChat’s API, your developer will have more ability to work with smartphone functionalities that HTML5 won’t have (at least not without external framework support) because HTML5 is a hypertext markup language and is designed for the browser and not. The WeChat mini program is an application embedded in WeChat that users can use without downloading and installing. After it was officially released in 2017, many travel enterprises have launched. They have taken China by storm. Learn more about WeChat Mini APP’s growth here: + WeChat data. WeChat Mini Programs are small apps that integrate directly into WeChat and run in the WeChat app. They’re different from traditional apps in that they run faster, are easier to develop, and don’t need to be installed. They also offer companies access to WeChat’s enormous user base. But they have their limitations.

Wechat Mini Programs

Wechat Mini Programs Games


With over 450 million daily active users (DAU), Wechat mini-program, the sub-application built within the WeChat ecosystem, is one of the most-used platforms to activate Chinese consumers. Extremely versatile, quick and affordable to develop, it allows brands to engage and convert consumers.

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In partnership with Fabernovel, we have been strategizing, designing, and building numerous WeChat mini-programs for international brands and Fortune 500 companies. We are very proud to finally release an all-in-one guide for WeChat mini-programs, in which we have put our analysis, experience, knowledge, learnings as well as best practices on how to build a successful WeChat mini-program.