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Technology and social media have presented important tools for adult student learning processes. According to Alsaadat (2018), using social media can benefit adult learning and has considerable potential for enhancing adult education. Similarly, Abbas et al. (2019) revealed that social media’s effects on education have become an impelling and essential factor. In this post, I will discuss two social networking technologies, including WeChat and Pinterest, that can enhance adult learning.

WeChat refers to a multi-purpose social media application software that allows an account administrator to push daily updates for their followers (Gao, 2019). According to the author, learners can subscribe to a WeChat account by scanning the QR code using their smartphones. WeChat has been chosen as a social networking technology with the potential to improve adult learning due to its convenience. Zeng et al. (2016) reveal that educators can deliver learning materials without space and time limitations. Supporting their argument, the authors explain that instructors can pick up typical cases, create questions, and post them in WeChat groups in their free time. Students can, therefore, answer the questions in their free time and send them to their instructors. Besides, WeChat has been preferred since it supports the teaching of deaf students through the use of visuals. Zhang et al. (2016) reveal that WeChat is no longer limited to text but rather combines other features such as the use of video, animation, and pictures. As such, the use of visuals makes the technology suitable for enhancing deaf adult students. Furthermore, WeChat can improve adult education, allowing teachers to classify and summarize teaching materials and upload them to the WeChat public platform (Zhang et al., 2016). Summarized information is easy to read and comprehend; thus, it can be concluded that WeChat enhances adult education.

Wechat Marco Polo

The second social media networking technology that has the potential to enhance adult education is Pinterest. Cleaver and Wood (2018) define Pinterest as a social media platform that entails hundreds of connections to education sites and allows users to pin resources from the internet. It was launched in 2010, and it has quick visits compared to Twitter and Facebook (Pearce & Learmonth, 2013). Notably, Pinterest has been selected as a social networking technology that can enhance adult education since it focuses on visual materials. According to Pearce and Learmonth (2013), Pinterest allows for collecting images, grouping common themes, and displaying them to other people via an online pinboard. Research reveals that visuals in learning enhance learners’ retention and improve their learning outcomes (Raiyn, 2016). As such, it can be concluded that Pinterest, which focuses on the use of visuals, has the potential to enhance adult education.

In this Marco Polo App Review, Jay Andrews of Reviews Across the Board covers the main points of this fun and up and coming mobile video messaging app. This seems to be a selling point, at least for now. WeChat Pay can’t be used outside of China by non-Chinese citizens (and I haven’t yet seen any merchant in the US who accepts WeChat Pay – but I’ll be looking, and Rutgers graduate student Jing Wang shared with me this photo of a vendor who accepts WeChat Pay outside of the NYU Stern School of Business!).

I can incorporate Webchat in my professional practice where I tutor deaf students by using the “Share Only Text on WeChat Moments” feature of WeChat to comment on their peers’ posts and give feedback. Secondly, I can incorporate WeChat in my professional practice to communicate with my students personally by using the “Use Web WeChat” feature. For instance, I can clarify each student’s question using this feature. On the other hand, one way through which I can incorporate Pinterest in my professional practice is by encouraging students to use Pinterest to organize their projects. Research reveals that Pinterest serves as a platform for individuals to search, save, and manage resources and share information related to particular projects (Cleaver & Wood, 2018). The second way through which I can incorporate Pinterest in my professional practice is by sharing evidence-based practices with my students. Cleaver and Wood (2018) reveal that teachers can use Pinterest to share evidence-based practices to enhance students’ instruction.


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Wechat Marco Polo

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