Vmware Fusion Apple M1 Chip


Advisory: VMware Fusion does not yet work on Apple's new M1 chip

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Apple has released their latest hardware with their new M1 chip. VMware has released Fusion 12 (and patch 12.1) - software that allows Mac users to run Windows 10 virtual machines on their macOS devices - to address compatibility issues with Big Sur, but has not yet released a version or an update to address compatibility issues with Apple's new M1 chip.

The release of M1-powered systems was warmly welcomed by the Mac community, thanks largely to the huge performance boost Apple silicon brings. For macOS purists, the move to M1 chips makes a great. Macs are undergoing a big change. Apple is switching its internal architecture from one that uses Intel CPUs, third-party graphics processors, and other parts, to the company’s own “system on a.


Vmware Fusion M1 Chip

From VMware (December 2020):

How do macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon affect VMware Fusion?

As announced in August 2020, VMware released an update to Fusion that includes support for Big Sur and several other upgrades. Fusion 12 uses kernel extensions on macOS Catalina but supports ‌macOS Big Sur‌ using Apple’s hypervisor and APIs to run its virtual machines and containers. Fusion 12 includes other upgrades like eGPU compatibility, support for running and building container-based apps, Kubernetes clusters and more. Check out our blog post titled “Ready for Testing: Updated Tech Preview with Big Sur Support” for more information.

Vmware Fusion Apple M1 Chip

The other big question is how M1 chips in host devices will affect guest VMs on Fusion running Windows and other x86 operating systems. Our colleagues over on the Fusion team have said “While we’re not quite ready to announce our timeline, we’re happy to say that we are committed to delivering VMware virtual machines on Apple Silicon!” So, stay tuned to the VMware Fusion Blog and Twitter account for the latest.


Vmware Fusion Apple M1 Chip Driver