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About 10 minutes later, he tickles me on WeChat, which is most definitely accidental (but happens all the time with everyone so it isn't particularly embarrassing). Unfortunately for me, WeChat says (for both of us) that this man, my potential future employer, has just tickled my dingdingdong. Tickle definition, to touch or stroke lightly with the fingers, a feather, etc., so as to excite a tingling or itching sensation in; titillate.

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  2. Note: Whether a blocked account is registered inside or outside of mainland China is determined by the region where the account was registered (not the region displayed in the user's profile); the user helping you unblock your account must be a WeChat user registered for more than six months and is operating their account normally. Users registered for less than six months or that were blocked.
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As we all know, WeChat account is so hard to get but really easy to being blocked or required to verify again. I’m 100 percent sure that nobody wants to unblock or verify again, and lots of WeChat accounts have been blocked or frozen permanently. So, before your WeChat account been blocked or freeze, ensuring don’t do those 10 things as possible as you can.


Why is my WeChat been blocked or freeze?

There’s one thing you need to know, why is WeChat being so strict with users?That’s because of the spam and the abusing. As I said before, WeChat is not only an IM tool but also a social media platform. Which means it could be a marketing platform. And believe it or not, many individuals make money on the WeChat needless to say the company. Therefore, WeChat is a good choice for you to promote your product or services.

Then what will cause WeChat account been blocked or freeze? Frequency, IP, network, location, etc.

  • 1. Do not use a virtual phone number to link it to your WeChat account.

As I said before, the virtual phone number is unacceptable such as Skype In, Google’s Project Fi, Google Voice, Nexmo, etc.. If your WeChat account is created by virtual phone then your phone number will be blocked sooner or later.

  • 2. Do not use any simulator or VPN.

The simulator can change the location where you are. And some people use a VPN to change their IP address. In this case, WeChat will detect that and might think your account unsafety or abnormal activity. Even you didn’t open the WeChat when you using them.
NOTE: WeChat will run in the background all the time.

  • 3. Do not login WeChat on different device frequently.

For your account safety, If your WeChat account log in to a new device, WeChat will detect that and you will be requested to confirm your identity. So if you log in to the different device too frequently, WeChat might think it’s an unnormal activity or your account has been hacked or you lost your phone and someone tries to log in your account.

  • 4. Do not change the password too frequently.

When it comes to password, you might be frustrating. Yeah, it is. There’re so many passwords to remember. In my opinion, you should write it down in case of forgot.

Normally, you’re not able to change your WeChat password on a new device or just get your blocked account back within 3 days. apparently, it’s for preventing been hacked. So, you might need to wait for about 3 months or 6 months when you want to change the password the second time.

  • 5. Do not post your product or service on WeChat moments too much in a short time.

Some of you need to promote your product or services on WeChat. So they will post many WeChat moments as many as they can. But if you do this, WeChat might think you’re spam or annoy users. This could be blocked especially when someone reports you.

  • 6. Do not use any unofficial App.

You should download the App from the official channel. Such as Google Play, Apple Store or official website. And it’s easy to get official App so don’t to download from somewhere you’re not familiar with or unauthorized.

  • 7. Do not use App cloner to run more than one WeChat account on your phone at the same time.

For the people who have more that one WeChat account, they really like to use their WeChat on one phone device at the same time. So some of them download App cloner to run more than one WeChat account. Besides, there’re many Mobile phone manufacturers provide this cloner features in the phone device by default. What I recommend is don’t use that as possible as you can.

  • 8. Do not do anything violate the WeChat’s policy and the law.

This could easily understand. What you need to do is follow the WeChat policy and the law.

  • 9. Do not add many friends or get a lot of friend request in a short time. In case of been detected as spam.

Many people ask me for help as their account been blocked for requesting too many friend requests. That does not allow to request too many friend requests in a short time. If you do need to add many friends, you can send a friend request not more than 5 (Or less than that number) a day and do that the next day.

NOTE: I don’t remmend you sending too many requests. There’re so many users told me that their account blocked for sending too many requests and not able to unblock.

  • 10. Do not leave your WeChat account alone and don’t use it.

Ensure your WeChat has about 5-10 friends at least. And use it frequently, login and chat with your friend as often as you can. If you don’t use WeChat for about 3 months, then your account could be blocked. So use it as often as you can and get more friends.

  • 11. Do not use nearby feature too frenquently.

If your account is brand new then I don’t recommend you use nearby feature to add friend. Or your account could be blocked. If you need more friends, please add me on WeChat facebook. I will let you get more friends on WeChat, even join the WeChat group from all over the world.

  • 1. Link your phone number to your WeChat account

If you WeChat account is newly created, then your phone number has linked your account when you sign-up. But if you didn’t enter your phone number when you create account, such as using qq account or email address as the login ID. Then you need to link your phone number to it.

Besides, some of you might change your old phone number and don’t link your new number to account. Then you should do it right now.

  • 2. Link your email to your WeChat account

Why you should link your email to WeChat account?Because WeChat allows you to rest or retrieval your WeChat password via phone number and email. So I recommend you linking your email to WeChat account. It’s a good choice for you to get password back.

  • 3. Enable voiceprint feature.

Voiceprint is a good feature. You can use it login or verify your identity in some case. You definitely should enable Voiceprint feature.

  • 4. Use your WeChat frequently.

As I said before. You can’t leave your WeChat account, you should use it frequently. WeChat doesn’t like user not use it. In this case, WeChat might think you don’t want to use it anymore, your account could be recycled.

Therefore, you should use it to chat with your friend or post Moments, even just log in to your account frequently and keep it active

  • 5.Add at least more than 3 WeChat friends.

Why you should add more than 3 WeChat friends?If your account been blocked, WeChat might ask you to ask 3 WeChat friends for help with verification. So, you need to add at least more than 3 WeChat friend and they would like to help you.

You can go to the [Me]>>[Settings]>>[Account Security]>>[Emergency Contacts] and then click on the [+] icon to add emergency contacts. Trust me you definitely should do this.

  • 6. Join the WeChat group.

Join the WeChat group will reduce your account been blocked and that’s will help your account be more safe. If you don’t have any WeChat group, welcome join the WeChat group I set up.

(BTW, My WeChat ID: xsY7654321) feel free to add me if you needed it . I suggest you post moments time to time and I will give you like or comment to keep you account having egagment.

I will update more tips about avoiding WeChat being blocked. If you have any tips, please feel free to comment below, Thank you.



This study aims to expand the understanding of the implicit exposure of brands in Web dramas with congruent branding messages shared on social media Moments. This study also aims to examine the mediating role of word of mouth (WOM) and brand love in the relationship between Web-drama connectedness and viewers’ intention to spend and spending per week.



A total of 657 usable questionnaires were gathered from Chinese participants who watch the famous weekly drama “My Huckleberry Friends” and make weekly purchases from McDonald’s. Partial least squares regression was used to test the theoretical model of the study.

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Results of this study reveal that WOM and brand love mediate the relationship between Web-drama connectedness and intention to spend on the exposed brand. Intention to spend mediates the relationship between brand love and spending. WOM mediates the relationship between Web-drama connectedness and spending.


Tencent’s WeChat is a well-known Chinese social media platform with a history of forbidding advertising. Users constantly flood social media with Web-drama content, influencing consumers’ spending habits. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, the present study is one of the first attempts to develop an understanding of Web-drama connectedness, brand love, WOM and behavioural intention by tracing the spending on advertised brands. This study highlights how brands maintain consumer spending by enhancing brand love via Web-drama advertising and instigating ticklish moments as “print screens” of WOM on social media.



Khan, J., Pelet, J.-E. and Zamani, S. (2021), 'Tickle me on WeChat Moments: the role of brand love', Journal of Product & Brand Management, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/JPBM-10-2019-2597


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