Targeted Direct Mail Lists


Buy targeted email lists (the most popular option) Purchasing the list of emails of your target audience is a solid investment. With this option, you own the records and can use them as often as you like. As discussed above, you can use the data for direct customer acquisition campaigns through email, online display, and/or direct mail. can help you connect with your target audience and reach out to decision makers. Our contact lists databases contain company lists and consumer data lists with email IDs, names of businesses/individuals, industry category, phone numbers, direct mailing lists and more.

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Have you ever wondered how you could spend less money and still generate leads? Congratulations, you are about to discover a Direct Marketing Secret. It’s Simple, Easy and Affordable. Saturating a geographical area with your offer is okay, if you have a large marketing budget. Secret Alert: Utilizing accurate data to customize your direct mailing list can ensure campaign profits.

Watch your response rates soar by personalizing your marketing offer to a specific receptive audience. Pinpointing your buying audience will enable you to leverage you marketing dollars for profits of 50% to 3000% every time. That’s why this Marketing Secret is so Powerful. To start leveraging your marketing dollars to generate profitable leads, click on “Request A Count.”

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Marketing Begins with Targeted Mailing Lists. is the right list broker for you and your company. With over 9 specific databases files and over 150,000 specialty files, we can offer you a vast amount of selections to pinpoint your target market. Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or new to marketing, we have the most Accurate Data in the Nation for you to customize your direct mailing lists.

Please use our “buying checklist” and ” the right list for you” pages to determine what direct mail lists will work for your marketing campaign. Please select from our navigation bar on the left hand side of this page for more detail about the mailing lists we have to offer. Your success is our success. We are experts in pinpointing buyers for our clients marketing profits. Let one of our mailing list professionals help guide you in selecting a targeted direct mailing list.

Our Most Popular Database Files Include The Following Available Mailing and Leads List:
Targeted Direct Mail ListsConsumer Mailing Lists
Monthly Updates
135 Million Households
200 Million Individuals

Resident Mailing Lists
Monthly Updates
135 Million Addresses
100% of U.S. Zips

New Homeowner Mailing Lists
Weekly Updates
6 Month Record Deletion

Business Mailing Lists
Monthly Updates
18 Million Businesses
13 Million Executives

Mortgage Leads Lists
Bi-Monthly Updates
50 Million Homes

New Movers Mailing Lists
Weekly Updates
6 Month Record Deletion

Fax Mailing Lists
18 Million Businesses
13 Million Executives

Bankruptcy Leads Lists
Updated Monthly
Hot lines

Specialty Mailing Lists
Vertical Markets
Con., Bus., & Farm

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Direct mailing is a tried and true way to get your business in front of potential. The mailing list is the most important aspect of any direct mail advertising. Targeted mailing lists help you reach the right audience by giving you more control over who receives your message. Our direct mail targeting experts will help you find the perfect audience for you. Get your message in front of the right audience, and you’ve won half the battle. Send your message to the wrong people, and your campaign can turn into a disaster.

Targeted direct mail lists can be very strong when used the right way. Our target highly lucrative and relevant markets with geographic targeted mailing lists for your direct mail marketing and telemarketing campaigns. Real estate agents, financial institutions, healthcare providers, home service companies, restaurants, and retailers all use targeted mailing lists to reach the consumers that matter most. A direct mailing list performs better when you target your prospects based on the demographics of your current customers. Our online mailing list service allows you to define your mailing list by age, income, gender, length of residence and more. The following discusses why direct mail marketing is important and how we can provide a direct mailing list for your promotion.

Benefits of Targeted Direct Mail Lists

Direct mail marketing is more effective because it is easier to understand. Direct Mail is one of the few marketing channels which engage all the senses, as you can touch and feel it. Research strongly suggests that consumers trust brands from direct mail much more than digital ads. That is highly targeted because direct mail is direct, it can be highly targeted to existing customers, leads prospective customers. One study found it takes 21% less cognitive effort to process, meaning your audience doesn’t have to invest time into your mail. Reach a more specific and qualified audience.

A list for any business, no matter how niche your market is Higher relevance, which leads to greater engagement and response. Although mailing lists can be bought and sold, using direct mail for on-boarding, re-targeting, and building loyalty are extremely effective. That is highly targeted because direct mail is direct, it can be highly targeted to existing customers, leads prospects customers. Although mailing lists can be bought and sold, using direct mail for on-boarding, re-targeting, and building loyalty are extremely effective.

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Welcome to the Direct Mail Advertising Company. Direct Mail Advertising is a famous company that is work fast services and fast problems solutions! This is one of the biggest advantages when compared to any other form of marketing. Our extensive Database Products, Print and Mail Services and Direct Marketing Data Expertise will help reach your potential customers via Print, Telemarketing and Email. Each product can be laser targeted to deliver your message to just the right audience. Our goal is your marketing success, and a long-term business relationship, not just a quick sale.

Direct Mail Advertising organization is the leading provider of USA based Marketing Database Service, We provide USA direct mailing lists – postal address, telemarketing lists, fax lists, email lead lists, Online list broker and direct marketing agency experienced in B2B, B2C, Specialty lists lead generation services with Specialize in global database sourcing service with plenty of international database resources ! All of our records up-to-date and the business information are available in a variety of fields to make them easy for you to integrate into existing databases. You have found an accurate and unique source for databases; we are committed to providing unique, innovative, and cost-effective ways to increase your customer base!

Don’t rely on self-serve lists when you can have a highly trained, experienced data specialist work with you deliver Accurately Targeted Marketing Campaigns with Competitive Pricing. We provide highly targeted and guaranteed accurate direct mail marketing, mailing lists at affordable prices. We make the buying process as easy as possible. To buy mailing list for direct mail marketing, you can simply submit a request form, call us, or use our online count system. We offer an extremely low minimum order just to give us a chance to prove it. We provide one-on-one solutions to identify strategic, targeted markets. Our leading of team is committed to providing customers with troubleshooting solutions.

Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Our direct mail lists services can reinforce a company’s’ offer and create company branding at the same time. We provide Perfect customer data lists for all US industries from our best-in-class marketing database of consumers and businesses. Direct mail advertising Company About call to action all companies must find and deliver the right combinations of offer, creative, and urgency to the recipients to act and then give them the channels to do so. Our data lists are used to target sales leads across Email, Social Media, Google, YouTube, Direct Mail and Telemarketing. Best of all we guarantee the accuracy of every data list we provide.

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

A powerful marketing campaign relies on multiple points of data and the mailing list is the most important part of any direct mail campaign. Buy a mailing list service from us today and use the best database list for direct marketing to save time and money. Trust Direct Mail Advertising agency for the most up to date mail list brokers with the highest level of industry accuracy for your next campaigns. Direct mail advertising agency is the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign. We offer direct mailing lists to satisfy virtually any mailing need.