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Xbox Game Pass is an incredible service. The amount of titles on offer satisfy even the most avid gamer but if you upgrade to the Ultimate tier then Microsoft will throw in Xbox Live Gold for free… as well as some new treats. Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will now receive access to Spotify Premium which is a sweet little deal! Of course, nothing in this capitalist wasteland is free and if something is free then there’ll be terms and conditions.

Spotify Xbox Game Pass

If you’re already a Spotify Premium member then this deal will not appeal as you’ll need to be a brand new Spotify member to capitalise on the offer. Now, you could just start up another profile but what be the point of that? You’re not thinking clearly. The other condition? The offer is only for four months of Spotify Premium. Which isn’t an insignificant amount but you’ll still have to pay for the rest of the year. Or just cancel your account.

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Listen away with Xbox

  1. Microsoft has announced an upcoming partnership with Spotify, offering a four-month membership to the music streaming platform through Xbox Game Pass. The deal grants those subscribed to the.
  2. In late 2020, Xbox Game Pass users earned access to 6-month Spotify Premium for free as a perk. On top of that, Microsoft is willing to make the users happy with these kinds of juicy perks. We earlier saw them partner with Discord to give XGP users Discord Nitro for free.
  3. Microsoft has partnered with Spotify, providing free Spotify Premium access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The limited-time deal allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to claim four free.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds free Spotify Premium; here’s how to claim it. Starting Tuesday, May 4, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can redeem a free four-month subscription to Spotify Premium.

“Play all your favorites with access to millions of tracks and podcasts titles. Ultimate members can enjoy ad-free music listening, music + podcast offline downloads, and on-demand listening with Spotify Premium for 4 months. Available for new Spotify Premium members only. Make sure you check with your regions since the terms might be different. For full details, see the offer in the Perks gallery on console, mobile or PC,” reads the statement released by Microsoft.

Free 6 Months Spotify Premium

If you’ve been meaning to dip your toes into Spotify Premium’s well of content then this might be a good time to test it out. We can’t recommend it enough, it’s a great music streaming app with one of the best algorithms around that should make finding new music much simpler. If you’re thinking about just using the free version… good luck. Those adverts are next-level terrible.

Spotify has also been putting in the work to declutter its UI with some much needed updates. It’s also introduced new filters to help users better categorise their listening.

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