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How do I redeem the Spotify Premium trial offer from my Galaxy device? Open the Spotify app preloaded on your Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G or Note20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20 5G, S20+ 5G, S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy A51, or Galaxy A71 5G. Terms and Conditions apply. Step 3 Click Devices from Spotify desktop app, and select Samsung Galaxy S9 from the list, then click on 'Sync 'device's name' with Spotify'. Step 4 Click on the playlists you want to sync to Samsung, or you can choose 'Sync all music to this device' or 'Manually choose playlists' to start the synchronization.

Some things, while great on their own, are even better together. Think cookies and milk, Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, and Spotify and Samsung. Spotify was named Samsung’s go-to music service provider in 2018. Since then, the partnership has expanded to create an even better experience for users, culminating in made-for-Spotify integrations on Samsung’s newest devices. Now that’s a match made in music heaven.*

Spotify comes preinstalled on millions of new Samsung devices globally. That means users can start playing their favorite music and podcasts as soon as they start up their new devices. And the latest integrations on the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Buds+—just revealed at Samsung Unpacked—provide more ways than ever to play, share, and listen to Spotify.

Here’s what users can look forward to.

Spotify Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ x Spotify

Whether you’re on the train, in the car, or still rushing out the door, you can start Spotify with a single touch on the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+. That’s thanks to the latest update rolling out soon to Android devices. Just put on your Buds+ and get the tunes playing with a simple long press. We’ll start playing wherever you left off—or, if you weren’t listening to anything, you’ll hear something new that we think you’ll like. Not feeling it? Press again and we’ll dig up something just for you.

Spotify Samsung Galaxy Watch Lte Active 2

Samsung keyboard integration

Ever heard a new song that you just had to share with friends? Soon it will be easier than ever to quickly search and share music from Spotify. That’s because Spotify will be integrated directly into the Samsung keyboard. Songs, albums, and playlists are sent through a generated link that, once tapped, brings you directly to Spotify or to a page to sign up for an account.

Samsung Clock

The Spotify integration into the Clock app from Google™ has been a hit, and soon, the latest Samsung devices will also allow users to wake up to their favorite music and podcasts. Simply go into your phone’s built-in clock app, set an alarm, tap the Spotify logo, and choose what you want to wake up to. Spotify Premium users will be able to choose any song, playlist, or podcast. Free users can also use this integration and choose their wakeup jams in shuffle mode.

Bixby Routines

The latest Spotify integration with Bixby Routines can soon help you play the perfect playlist for every part of your day. Bixby Routines lets you pick what you like to listen to when you make dinner, hit the gym, commute to work, or otherwise go about your day, making sure you have the right soundtrack for every moment.

Get ready to listen to Spotify on your new Samsung devices like never before. The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, and Samsung Galaxy Buds+ come out in March 2020.

*Update March 6, 2020: Now, you may be eligible to get six months of Spotify Premium for free on select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices. The offer is available to users who have not already tried Premium. Offer available in the U.S. beginning on March 6 2020; and in Germany and Italy beginning on March 13 2020, France and UK to come. May vary by region and carrier. For eligibility requirements and additional details, see Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Effective as of 8 March 2019


1. Introduction.

This Spotify Premium and Samsung New 6 Month Free Trial Offer (the 'Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer') is made available by Spotify (as defined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use ('Spotify Terms of Use').

2. The offer.

The Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer entitles you to access Spotify Premium - a form of Paid Subscription, as defined in the Spotify Terms of Use, (the 'Spotify Premium Service'):

(A) for an initial six (6) calendar month trial period (the 'Free Trial Period'); and

(B) without charge,

from the moment that you activate the Free Trial Period by submitting valid payment details that are accepted by Spotify. The Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer does not permit or provide access to any additional third party goods or services that may be made available with subscriptions to any Spotify Premium product during the Free Trial Period.

By submitting your payment details: (i) you accept and agree to these terms and conditions (the 'Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer Terms'); and (ii) acknowledge and agree to the Spotify Terms of Use. All information collected by Spotify under this Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer is available in the USA only.

3. Duration and cancellation.

After the Free Trial Period, you will automatically be charged the then-current monthly price of Spotify Premium and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged that amount unless you cancel prior to the end of the Free Trial Period. If you cancel, you will lose access to Spotify Premium and your Spotify account will switch to a Spotify Free account at the end of the Free Trial Period.

To cancel, you must log into your Spotify account and follow the prompts on the Account page or click here and follow the instructions. You may also delete your Spotify account at any time.

This Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer is available for a limited period only and must be redeemed before any applicable date advertised. Spotify reserves the right to modify or to earlier terminate this Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer at any time and for any reason. After such time, Spotify shall not be obligated to redeem any further attempts to take up this offer.

4. Eligibility.

In order to receive this Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer, users must satisfy the conditions listed at 4(A)-(D) below (each an 'Eligible User'). You must:

(A). be new to the Spotify Premium Service. If you have subscribed to either the Spotify Premium Service or Unlimited service or have taken a trial or introductory offer previously, you are ineligible for this offer;

(B). have purchased in the USA, and are the current owner of, an Eligible Samsung Device, where 'Eligible Samsung Device' means a newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S10 model cell phone that contains a pre-installed Spotify mobile application. Spotify may, from time-to-time and at its discretion, designate additional Samsung devices, that are newly purchased in the USA and contain a pre-installed Spotify mobile application, as Eligible Samsung Devices;

(C). provide Spotify with a valid and current payment method that is approved by Spotify. Neither prepaid cards nor Spotify gift cards can be used as a valid payment method for this offer; and

(D). provide the payment method in section 4(C) directly to Spotify and not through a third party (e.g., not through a cable or telecommunications provider).

Eligible Users may only redeem the Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer once - previous users may not redeem the offer again.

5. Redemption.

In order to redeem this Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer, Eligible Users must open the Spotify mobile app in their Eligible Samsung Device and access the Spotify Premium destination tab in their Spotify mobile app (the 'Premium Destination Tab'). Once in the Premium Destination Tab, Eligible Users can complete the process of redeeming the Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer and will be asked to enter their payment details.

If you cannot see the Premium Destination Tab in your Spotify mobile app, you will need to update your version of the app.

6. Payment.

For those Premium and Samsung 6 Month Trial Offer subscribers who become paying subscribers to the Spotify Premium Service after their Free Trial Period has ended: if Spotify increases its monthly fee for the Spotify Premium Service in the future, we will provide you notice and an opportunity to cancel. If not cancelled, price changes will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle following the date of the price change. You can cancel your subscription to the Spotify Premium Service at any time prior to the commencement of the new billing cycle. By not cancelling and continuing to use the Spotify Premium Service after the price change takes effect, you agree to be charged the new price.

Contracting entity:

Spotify USA Inc.

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