SongShift lets users simply transfer libraries and playlists between streaming services. Spotify are revoking SongShift’s ability to transfer out.


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Songshift Spotify

SongShift allows users to keep their library and playlists intact when moving from one streaming platform to another such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and Tidal. SongShift can also be used by curators to easily manage public playlists across services.

Unfortunately, as of SongShift v5.1.2, you will no longer be able to create transfers from Spotify to another music service. We understand this will be a disappointment for a lot of you. We wish we didn’t have to.

Why then?
The Spotify Developer Platform Team reached out and let us know we’d need to remove transferring from their service to a competing music service or have our API access revoked due to TOS violation. While this is not the news we wanted to hear, we respect their decision.

SongshiftThe SongShift Team

Spotify have managed to achieve the best of both worlds here. While Spotify are continuing to allow SongShift to use their API so users can easily transfer music to Spotify, they are demanding SongShift don’t allow users to transfer music out of Spotify. “To continue to provide some level of support for Spotify, we’ll still be supporting transferring from other services to Spotify.” Spotify are yet to comment on the situation.

It can seen how locking in your users by disabling transfer to competitors is beneficial for Spotify, but can back-fire once more services follow suit, thus making transfer in also impossible. Spotify are setting a dangerous precedent here from the company that fought against Apple’s closed eco-system.

We recently looked at a similar service from FreeYourMusic.FreeYourMusic have commended on the situation, however as they ditched Spotify’s API after facing similar issues, they aren’t bound to Spotify’s terms of services and will continue to work.

FreeYourMusic continues to transfer playlists from Spotify as we use a different method (we stopped using their official SDK). Thanks to this, we’re in the clear.

Songshift Error

— FreeYourMusic (@freeyourmusic) October 12, 2020

More and more iPhone and Android users is switching from Spotify to Apple Music to enjoy its fantastic features since this great tool is launched. However, scores of people are stuck in transferring playlist from Spotify to Apple music, which makes “Spotify to Apple Music” a hot topic on the Internet. To settle this headachy problem, this passage summarizes some efficient solutions to transfer Spotify songs to Apple Music.

Option 1: Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music with Houdini

To transfer Spotify to Apple Music, using a third party application is necessary. Houdini, which is specially designed to transfer songs from Spotify to Apple Music on iOS device, is one of the most reliable ones among similar apps, and it is priced at $2.99.

  1. Download Houdini and launch it on your iPhone.
  2. Select “Spotify” in the “Export From “Screen”, and allow Houdini to open “Spotify”.
  3. In the “Import To” screen, choose “Apple Music”. Then click “OK” to authorize this app to access Apple Music.
  4. Select the playlist you want to transfer and wait Houdini to match your songs.
  5. Finally, tap on “Start Transfer Process” to transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

Option 2: Export Spotify Playlist to Apple Music with SongShift

SongShift is also a good choice to export Spotify Playlist to Apple Music. In addition to Spotify and Apple Music, it also supports various services like Deezer, Discogs, HypeMachine, LastFM, Napster, Pandora, Tidal and YouTube.

  1. Install this app and open it. Then click “Begin New Shift”.
  2. Choose the Soptify as source and login your account as promoted.
  3. Select the playlist you want to transfer.
  4. Finally, choose to add it to an existing playlist in Apple music or create a new one.
Songshift vs stamp


Note: You can only transfer up to 100 songs with the free version, and you will have to pay $3.99 if you want to transfer more.

Option 3: Move from Spotify to Apple Music on Android

Songshift Reddit

Since Houdini and SongShift are available for iOS devices only, how to move Spotify playlist to Apple Music on Android? Don’t worry. There is another excellent Spotify to Apple Music converter named Soundiiz, and it is compatible with Android devices.

Songshift Alternative

  1. Download and install Soundiiz on your device.
  2. Open this app after installation is completed and choose “Platform to Platform”.
  3. Select “Spotify” as your source platform and login your account.
  4. Choose one playlist you want to transfer.
  5. Set “Apple Music” as destination platform, and then your playlist will be transferred.

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