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Free Download 100% CLEAN report malware. Should I Remove It? Packs a growing software rating database and provides priceless information to the end user about the software on their computer. This option is called “Run Should I Remove it? On a schedule about once a month”. This program is very easy to use, even for those users that don't understand English, due to the system of colored percentage bars used. This software is free and can be used without any limitation.

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Found this interesting free program recommended on another Forum site and thought it interesting. Might answer some questions for newbie OPs who want to know what to remove. Just tell them if it is not yellow or red on this list, leave it alone.

Posted for comments.

Edit by mod. Link removed. Unsafe site.

WOT yellow does not make it unsafe. Ok how about if I post the article and folks can go to the link or not. This is an absolutely safe site!!!


Oren, 2 mods just tested this, unsafe and completely useless.

So goes into room 101!


XHI, was it Should I Remove It? I have it, Norton doesn't complain about the site nor the D/L or when executed. I'll e-mail you the link and Mike as well to test. If it IS bad, let me know who complained?

The reason I'd like to know what complained about it, if it is the same one, is that I've been having 'fits' with the FF Updates. I had many add-on's and at least one of them forced to me to start FF after the update in REFRESH mode which wipes out all add-ons. For 2 updates I put everything back and the same thing happened. Now I'm running with minimal ones and the last Update worked fine. I'm adding back now only necessary ones, and some of the web checks I do not have now.

Irv S.

Melissa here from, Reason Software... the publisher of 'Should I Remove it?' Just wondering why your are deeming the software unsafe? It's a free , light-weight app, designed for basic PC users, as a helpful and informative tool. We do not require log-ins or sign-ups, and is an extremely safe site. In fact it was created by the co-founder of the anti-spam software publisher, GIANT Company Software, which was acquired by Microsoft and is now Windows Defender. Safety and security is always a concern of ours.
I would really like to hear more about your unfortunate experience, and would greatly appreciate further details. Many thanks!

Me, too VistaMike. if so what am i missing in my testing? In addition the Site I found it recommended on has a great reputation for recommending free and safe software. Might be useless, but not unsafe. Specifically what indication do you have. I do notice that Wot is yellow. However a low population of users and I don';t rule things out unless WOT is red.

I've never tried this program, however, over at, Martin Brinkmann posted a lengthy article about 'Should I Remove it?' with a very detailed explanation of how the software works, what it does and does not do - along with some very useful screenshots.

You can read his article, from February 1, 2013, at the link below:

'Should I remove it helps you with uninstalling decisions'

Hope this helps.

Looks like a useful program for the non-Geeks. I would not use it because I review my program files every couple of weeks. But for someone who is victim of those automatic installs (especially toolbars) and bloatware and does not know what it is, the program may be a help.

This program, is going to be used for mostly Non-Geeks

as @whs said

HTG is a good site, however like any other source of info everything on here is not gospel. No matter how much one thinks they know, the reality is that they don't know everything.

RE: builtwithreason and Xhi

With respect to their concerns I would like to ask how was it tested and what exactly were the specific results? We should be told since you are making the decision for all of HTG.

Lol I reported myself by mistake. On WOT it would appear the jury is still out on this one, and is very far from being definitive. Just too few ratings, actually only a handful (7) ratings. What else was used to determine whether this is safe?

I want to make it known that this is not a challenge, but rather a request for information which should be freely shared. If it is found to be unsafe we all should know why.

Should I Remove It Download Free

builtwithreason, I would not worry about it. Was probably one of those false positives. One reason why I don't use WOT. It's just a pain in the neck.

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