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If your school is using Microsoft SharePoint as a place for you to create sites for your classes, you can add homework drop boxes for students surprisingly easily. Here are the steps:

  1. Dropbox and SharePoint can be categorized as 'File Storage' tools. Some of the features offered by Dropbox are: Dropbox Chooser- Get files from Dropbox into your web app with just a few lines of JavaScript. Sync API- Read and write to Dropbox from iOS & Android as if it were a local filesystem. Core API- The basics.
  2. For overall product quality, SharePoint received 8.2 points, while Dropbox earned 8.9 points. Meanwhile, for user satisfaction, SharePoint scored 97%, while Dropbox scored 92%. Information regarding their features, tools, supported platforms, customer service, plus more are provided below to help you get a more precise assessment.
  3. M365 Business Standard (formerly O365 Business Premium), 21 licensed users, 200 GB of data to migrate from 1 Dropbox (Personal) account to Sharepoint Online, and another 100 GB from local storage to SPO.
  1. Create a folder in your site
    1. You can make more folders within the folder to help identify various assignments
  2. Grant your students the permission level of Contribute on the outside folder so they are allowed to upload documents to all the folders within it
    1. If you are not sure how to grant permissions your tech department can help you
    2. Your students should have Read permissions for the site, and Contribute permissions for the outside folder (and therefore all the folders within it)
  3. Turn on versioning
    1. Click on Settings / Document Library Settings (in the ribbon of the folder)
    2. Under General Settings click Versioning Settings
    3. Under Content Approval click Yes
    4. Accept the other defaults
Sharepoint dropbox functionality

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Sharepoint Dropbox Functionality

Using these settings, students can upload documents to the folders, and will only be able to see their own document. The only way they can view what someone else has uploaded is if you “Approve” the document. The idea is that you leave the documents as “Pending” so the students only see their own submissions.

Sharepoint Dropbox


Hello Flow Community, We are migrating from Dropbox to Teams/Sharepoint/OneDrive and will need to slowly cutover users a few at a time due to organizational needs. I have created Flows that will keep the files up to date on both directions. I have two questions: 1) What is the best way to get the. You can now create SharePoint apps that can access and modify Dropbox data: Navigate to your SharePoint site and choose Site Contents - Add an App - External List. Click the Select External Content Type icon and choose the external content type that you created in the previous section.