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Warning people about the negative genetic and social effects of race-mixing is a hate crime, goyim!


Racist flyers opposing interracial marriage have been sent to tenants in at least two buildings owned by Wilfrid Laurier University, the university has confirmed.

The flyers have an image of a Black man and a white woman sitting next to one another. Underneath, the typed flyer goes on to make racist accusations about IQ and other health outcomes for mixed-race children.

The flyers were sent through Canada Post, a university spokesperson confirmed. A photo of the flyer submitted to CBC News shows no signature or return address on the envelope.

Third-year student Nicole Hammond told CBC News her roommate found one of the flyers in their shared mailbox on Tuesday. She believes they were delivered to most, if not all, of the tenants in her building on Ezra Avenue.

“I was outraged and hurt,” said Hammond, who has Indian and English heritage. She posted a photo of the flyer online and soon heard back from others who had also received one.

“A lot of people are going to receive that letter and think, ‘Oh, it’s just a joke, who cares, they’re just bored,'” said Hammond.

Send Flyers Through Canada Post

“But that shouldn’t be allowed … and something should be done about it.”

Hate crime investigators with the Waterloo Regional Police Service are working to determine who is responsible for circulating the flyers, said police spokesperson Cherri Greeno in an email.

Anyone who receives a flyer should call police immediately and limit their handling of the flyer to preserve forensic evidence, such as fingerprints, Greeno said.

Canada Post said the flyers were inside stamped envelopes and sent as letter mail after being dropped into a street letter box.

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“By sending it in this manner, there would be no indication to Canada Post of the content,” the Crown corporation said in a statement.

Niggers are literally burning down entire cities, looting, violently attacking and extorting whites in the streets, destroying property, and hurling all types of abuse against whites collectively, but none of that is criminal or punishable. That is the understandable venting of an oppressed people, silly goyim.

Send Flyers Through Canada Post

Black people are special and are allowed to burn, loot, and kill people as they please. Anyone who says otherwise is a racist bigot who must be put in jail for hate speech.

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But flyers suggesting that race-mixing between blacks and whites is abhorrent is an unconscionable hate crime. Police will rigorously investigate this heresy!

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To jail with these animals to tell the truth about besital interracial sex between white and black!

Canada is an open and tolerant country that doesn’t allow filthy white males to have a say about anything.

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