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Bucket/Boom Truck


This type of vehicle belongs to the lifting and material handling equipment.

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Normally, a bucket truck is used to lift workers, tools and materials to work at height (cutting trees, maintenance, the utilities job, installing road signs and etc.). A flatbed truck with a multiple-section boom crane is called a boom truck. This crane allows loading different materials on a truck and then transporting them to a necessary place. This truck can be useful for delivering some building and construction materials like posts, electric cables, wood beams, bricks, metal frames, heavy equipment also and etc.

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Typical bucket/crane lift heights range from 15 to 160 feet. The trucks include minimum two stabilizers (one on the each side) and PTO or power take-off. PTO is used to operate the hydraulic system of the boom crane or bucket and powered usually by the truck engine.

Second Life Feet

Second Life Feet

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There are the most popular makes for trucks with telescopic boom: Ford, GMC, International (Inter), Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Sterling, Mack, Western Star and Volvo.