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What is Second Life? Destinations; Shopping; Loading. Create Your Own Map Link; About Second Life Maps. All four of Sunday's games are included in the main DFS contests at Yahoo with the first matchup beginning at 1 p.m. So a trip to Dallas for the second leg.

Produces : Stove recipes
Requires : DFS HUD & ingredients

Resizer inside : rez item, choose what size you require and 'Disable' the resizing script.
Don't worry, should you wish to change the size in future, just re-rez your item.

How to use :
1. Rez your DFS equipment (ie DFS Stove) and the ingredients required (See )
2. Click 'Craft' button on your DFS HUD
3. Select the corresponding # on the HUD, and when it turns red, click an ingredient and choose Cook/Use. (If you do this too fast, you can lose your ingredient)
4. Place all ingredients in their corresponding slots, and click the DFS equipment.
5. Wait the allotted time, until the item makes a sharp ping and the hovertext indicates you can 'Click to receive' your item. You have the same time it takes to make it, to pick it up.
If you wait too long it will burn and you will lose it.

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Digital Farm System (DFS) is a fun, interactive, and progressive farm system that allows you to grow crops, raise animals, fish, and prepare food from tons of delicious recipes, and trade-able products.
With DFS you can stock a store, own a diner, or enjoy a simple 'getting back to nature' relaxing farm life.
Try DFS today!

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We have a great support group, full of CSRs and other farmers, brimming with answers to your questions!
Join it here : secondlife:///app/group/bcff7f46-c4f1-b369-cc41-a333e0d03802/about


Or you could visit us by clicking the link below.

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