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March 30, 2021 7th Annual Bicycle Jumble on May 2, 2021 Second Life Bikes is having our annual Bicycle Jumble on. Continue Reading.

  • Second Life Marketplace - Bike Police Bike Police 17 prim is a good choice at a low price.
  • Second Life Bikes is a biking community center in Asbury Park where people connect to each other, build skills, join group bike rides, learn bike safety, and create bike art and custom designs that can support new social enterprises.

Lifestyle Exercise Bike

Turn the mundane into extraordinary

Accessories & more

Choose from dozens of accessories to complete your cargo bike.


Make cycling a full time joy! Choose from one of our electrified cargo bike and customize it with the accessories you want.


The rain tent keeps your precious little ones dry and protected from the weather. Easy to mount and to take out it is a must when it turns to accessories for your bakfiets.

Baby chair

It’s your little one not ready yet to sit straight in the bakfiets seat? No problem. The baby chair gives them the extra support and cushioning they need to ride safely.

Maxi cosi adaptor

Do you want to take your baby with you in the maxi cosi? Use the maxi cosi adaptor. This can be mounted on the bench as well as in the tray.

Extra bench

With the extra bench you can take up to 4 children in the bak (and an extra one behind). Very easy to take out and put back.

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From the Netherlands to the World

  • You’re contributing to save our planet! Boah Bikes recycles and restyle cargo bikes giving them a second life
  • You will improve your lifestyle. While you’re saving the planet you are also working out taking your children to school, go shopping or simply going for a stroll in the park with the children
  • You save time and money: remember all those hours strained in traffic? That expensive parking and all that petrol you spend evey month? With BOAH Bike you drive for free any time and everywhere!
  • The bakfiets (Cargo bike) It’s a global ICON and 200% fit for families
  • Safe and very stable, including when riding on cambered roads
  • Light & fast to ride without compromising strength or durability
  • Practically maintenance free with closed chain guard, internal brakes and gears (very safe for children!)
  • Unique patented “stabilo-stand” with 4 contact points secures the bike solidly when parked. Children can climb in and out safely by themselves, no need to lift them
Decathlon second life bikes
  • Uses the bikes gears as the engines transmission so the motor can run at the optimum RPM range
  • Increased performance
  • More efficient
  • Better at climbing hills
  • Better weight distribution as the motor is positioned close to the center of gravity and low to the ground
  • Improved handling
  • Easier maintenance
  • A Mid Drive ebike is easier to ride when in comparison with back or front wheel motors because the extra weight on the wheels of a hub ebike make it tougher to pedal.
  • With a front wheel motor you feel like you being pulled and with a rear wheel motor you feel like you’re being pushed

There are many different accessories that you can add to your cargo bike. You can take your baby with you in a baby seat or with the maxi cosi holder. But you can also protect your cargo bike against rain with, for example, rain or the cover. View all the different accessories here.

We focus for now on Bakfiets NL model. This is your bakfiets we are more than happy to make a plan to electrify your bike. Please get in touch


At BOAH Bikes we’re focused in solutions not in problems. With that in mind there’s always a solution for everything and we are happy to find that with a good communication with you.

Second Life Bike

Second Life Bikes Asbury Park

In various cases you are entitled to a warranty on your purchase at BOAH Bikes. We are happy to explain our regulations regarding warranty.

A fixed manufacturer’s warranty applies per manufacturer of our products. We are happy to inform you about the manufacturer’s warranty that applies to the product you purchased.

Have you noticed a defect on your bicycle that you bought from BOAH Bikes? Then you should get in contact with BOAH Bikes as soon as possible. If the defect is covered by the warranty, we will make sure the defect is treated free of charge.

Defects due to incorrect, careless or incompetent use, or due to external causes or normal wear and tear, are not covered by the warranty.

Defecten als gevolg van onjuist, onzorgvuldig of ondeskundig gebruik, of door externe oorzaken of normale slijtage, vallen niet onder de garantie.

  • Water damage to battery and display
  • Wearing parts, such as tires, chain, chainrings, freewheel, rear sprockets, bearings, cables and brake pads and rust
  • In case of neglect of goods by the customer
  • Items purchased from the clearance / sale
  • If the customer has made changes to the goods or has had them made. This also includes repairs that have not been carried out by or on behalf of BOAH Bikes
  • In case of injudicious or careless use, incorrect assembly, incorrect use, competition purposes, damage caused by moisture (such as rust) or other external causes or disasters
  • If the device has not been maintained in the usual manner or as described in the manual
  • Light scratches as a result of transport (transport damage)
  • If the appliance is used with unsuitable or incorrect accessories
  • If the customer has handled the goods in another way negligently
  • Free promotional items

Second Life Bikers

You can find more about our warranty policy and other regulations in our terms and conditions . If you have any questions about warranty or other matters, feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you!