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In 2018, direct mail advertising accounted for £1.56 billion British pounds of revenue. Let’s find out why.

Research commissioned by the Royal Mail

How to get the most from direct mail. Direct mail has long been a proven as a cost-effective channel for communicating successfully with customers. Because it’s tangible – picked up and handled by a customer – direct mail is a channel that will cut through and be remembered. In fact, 94% of advertising mail is engaged with and only 6% is. Run highly targeted direct mail campaigns customised to suit your business and budget at a time that suits you and at the quantity you want to send. No minimum order value and free to access without a subscription. Customised, personalised and relevant, direct mail delivers greater results than any other form of mail. Order stamps and business postage supplies from our shop using Royal Mail Direct - you can buy stamp sheets, books and rolls, pre-paid envelopes, Special Delivery Guaranteed envelopes, mailing boxes, stationery and more.

Millward Brown/Kantar and Bangor University conducted market research by putting people through an MRI scan before any form of direct mail, after an email campaign and also after a hard copy diect mail campaign. They were trying to scientifically clarify if tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain.

This research strongly suggests that greater emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than the virtual.

Physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations. It really is fascinating the role that neuroscience has on marketing.

The findings were featured in Royal Mail’s Mail in the Digital Age campaign, targeting the UK’s top 3,000 advertisers.

Personalisation is key when considering direct mail, helping break through digital and online distractions – 84% of research participants were more likely to open a letter due to the personalised approach.

Research suggests that audiences have recalled brands 75% of the time when viewing direct mail material, in comparison to digital content at 44%.

Did you also know that 66% of direct mails throughout the UK are opened, also influencing a staggering of 56% of audiences to visit both online and physical stores following the exposure? This suggests a high response rate to direct mail campaigns, helping to influence target markets.

Royal Mail Direct Mail Marketing

For the B2C side of things – On average, 39% of homes have a dedicated area for direct mail. Audiences are prepared, pre-empting delivery. They are automatically accepting your marketing material, unlike other methods such as junk email and adverts.


We are passionate that direct mail, when cleverly used, can be a game changer for companies marketing strategy.

Stand OUT. Build Relationships. Grow.

Direct Mail

Royal Mail Direct Mail Marketing Program

Are you trying to increase the open rate of your emails to bring more traffic to your website and grow sales? What if I told you that Direct Mail delivered a great return on investment (ROI) and creates strong, emotional connections and brand associations? Let’s show you figures from the Private Life of Mail research by Royal Mail Market Reach that supports this. Research based on eighteen months of investigation, which included focus groups, neuroscience and tactility work, and more than 9.5K survey responses.

Mail in the home

“On average, people kept door drops for 38 days.”

The study shows that people commonly keep mail they find useful. 66% of the respondents stated that they keep mail that they considered useful. Financial and tourism sectors mail saw increases on that figure up to 72%. In contrast, a study of the email analytics[ii] revealed that 51% of emails are deleted within two seconds.

Kantar Media's TGI survey confirmed that 80% of adults had kept relevant mail in the last four weeks[iii]. On average, the mail was kept for 17 days for advertising mail, 38 days for door drops and 45 days for bills and statements. For the same reason, it is common practice in transactional mail, to include targeted communications and adverts, Romax’s many utility clients use this strategy to cross-sell other products.

Royal Mail Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

The age group of 15-34 years old (millennials) are:

  • 42% more likely to find mail memorable than the UK population as a whole.
  • 71% more likely to trust the advertising mail they receive.
  • 21% more likely to have switched supplier as a result of mail.

Mail in the heart

“People value something they can see & touch24% more than something they can only see.”

There are strong reasons why getting consumers to engage physically with a brand is likely to have a stronger effect on them. Multisensory stimulations alter the way the brain processes messages which are key for driving an emotional response to messages or brands.

Royal Mail Direct Mail Marketing

Physical contact results in a sense of ownership over an item (Endowment effect), therefore mail gains an advantage over email.

Royal Mail Direct Mail Marketing Policy

In the study, 64% of the responders had opened a piece of mail that day, and the majority who did go on to interact with it. The highest open rates and interactions come from Statement, bill or information updates, brochures and letters with a promotion or special offer.

Royal mail direct mail marketing

Mail in the Wallet

“ 87% of the responders were influenced to make online purchases as a direct result of receiving mail.”

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Blog post was written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

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