Restaurant Direct Mail


There are some industries where direct mail marketing seems to fit like a glove and generate consistently good responses. That certainly seems to be the case with the restaurant industry. What is it about direct mail and restaurants that make them a marketing marriage made in heaven? Part of the answer probably lies in Continued. Always Direct’s restaurant direct mail solutions Make your restaurant known At Always Direct our account managers have a vast amount of experience when it comes to understanding the specific needs of Restaurants and the unique dynamics that are required to drive proven marketing results.

Direct mail restaurant menus are one of the best options if you’re looking to drum up both new and repeat business for your eatery.

Restaurant Direct Mail

Anyone who works in the restaurant business knows how competitive it is. You’re constantly trying to draw as much attention in from the public as possible, or at least more than your competitors. The attention of the dining public is often fleeting, and there are dozens of factors that are in play when you’re trying to build a new customer base while also trying to hold on to regulars.

The best restaurants have ironclad marketing campaigns. It makes sense, since marketing is one of the best ways to let customers know that you’re open and waiting for their order. While there are dozens of marketing methods, there’s one way that’s an absolute surefire one when it comes to attracting attention: direct mail restaurant menus.

Wait, Seriously? Direct Mail Restaurant Menus?

We’re not pulling your leg. Sending out your restaurant’s menu in the form of a direct mailer is incredibly effective. Now, it’s true that, most of the time, retail stores focus on using direct mail to drum up business, and retail stores are much different than restaurants. However, just because they work well for brick-and-mortar retail doesn’t mean they’re not effective for eateries – especially when you decide to use your menu as your marketing material.

Some types of restaurants know this already. There’s a reason your typical pizza place or Chinese restaurant has a trifold version of their menu that they include with every delivery order, after all.

Hungry customers see the menu pinned to their bulletin board or being held up on their refrigerator by a fridge magnet and they’re just that much more likely to order from there than they are a different place. The difference here is that instead of just focusing on customers that have already eaten your food, direct mailing your restaurant’s menu out into the world helps you target much more widely.

A Time-Tested Method

Let’s make something very clear right here and now: direct mail, as a marketing method, is so very effective that it’s still being used today. That sounds more than a little counter-intuitive, but it’s true: even in today’s digital, 21st century lifestyle, sending customers stuff in the mail still works like a charm.

Restaurant direct mailers

We’re not making this up, either. Research shows that direct mail marketing response rates blow other types of marketing out of the water. Email marketing, for example, nets you a response rate of around 0.1 percent. Online display advertising, social media, and paid search marketing don’t do much better either, with similarly abysmal response rates of 0.2 percent, 0.4 percent, and 0.6 percent respectively, Meanwhile, direct mail response rates are huge in comparison. The average rate is close to 5.1 percent. Specifically, direct mail that’s letter-sized had a 15 percent response rate in some studies!

How To Target New and Existing Customers

Direct Mail Restaurant Ideas

It’s obvious that using direct mail to send out your restaurant’s menu is a great idea. Now, it’s about time to begin designing your tactics in targeting new and existing customers. Sending out menus are great just by themselves, but you will need to consider whether you’re going to be designing a specific direct mail menu, and whether you’ll sweeten the pot with coupons, specials, or deals.

There’s nothing like including a few extras on a direct mailer menu to get customers excited about ordering food from your establishment. Coupons that can be clipped from the menu and brought in will certainly drive more business, as will delivery or pickup-only specials that appear exclusively on your direct mail menu.

If you have a very large sit-down menu, consider this an opportunity to pare it down a bit to your most popular best sellers, and feel free to come up with some extra deals like lunch or family meal options as well. The more value you can provide, the better!

Presenting Your Best Self

Of course, the last piece of the puzzle is the design aesthetic you’re going to use for your direct mail restaurant menu. This can be challenging if, like above, you’ve got an expansive menu and you have no idea where to cut. It can also be difficult if you don’t have any experience with laying out a double-sided trifold menu or any of the other common ways restaurants print up their takeout or direct mail menus.

The solution, of course, is to partner up with a good print house that knows the ins and outs of designing direct mail marketing campaigns. Good print partners are more than just glorified copy centers – they aid in designing your marketing materials for maximum impact. They also offer printing options appropriate for your budget and might even help fulfill orders by mailing your printed menus out, too. This is one heck of a time-saver, especially if you have a busy kitchen to run!


Direct Mail Campaign

Las Vegas Color Graphics: The Perfect Sous Chef For Your Restaurant’s Marketing Campaign

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