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Having Problems Logging in - please contact the Student Helpline on +44 (0)28 9097 3223 or email [email protected] Dropbox has a free tier which gives you 2GB of storage space, but you can earn more by referring friends to use the service – or increase the limit to 2TB by signing up to Dropbox Plus for $9.99. Non-QUB users: you cannot log in, but can still send files to QUB users if you know their email address. Start by clicking the 'Drop-off' button. QUB users who wish someone outside the University to send them files, can make it a lot easier for them by logging in and clicking 'Request a Drop-off'. That saves the other person having to prove who. You are required to adhere to the University's 'Computer Resources - Acceptable Use Policy' and other related data and information security policies. Other courses in the curriculum utilising Dropbox™. Due to the time taken to analyse, refine annotation and distribute the videos each one was made available within one week of the scenario. The only cost in the study was a StudioCode licence fee, which had already been ob-tained by QUB for use in other projects.

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Qub Dropbox

Submission of Oral Presentation ONLY


Online submission form for oral presentations
All oral presentations will be presented online via Zoom, with you (the speaker) presenting slides from your own computer/device. However, we also encourage speakers to send a copy of their presentation to UKICRS via this online form, to allow us to present your slides during the Zoom meeting in the event of any technical glitch at your end.
The online form right is for speakers to submit their FINAL presentation. Presentation files can be uploaded in Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx), Keynote (.key) or PDF (.pdf) formats.
For large files only (>20 MB)
If your presentation file is larger than 20 MB, please email your presentation to Karl Malcolm ([email protected]) using the QUB DropBox facility: https://dropbox.qub.ac.uk