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Among the various free FTP programs available to download on the internet for Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux, HostMonster recommends Filezilla. It can be downloaded free of charge from

What You Need

  1. A HostMonster hosting account
  2. Filezilla installed and running on your computer
  3. Your cpanel username and password or an FTP username and password
  4. A domain that points to your HostMonster hosting account, or your servers IP address.

The Site Manager

To create a connection in FileZilla you will need to use the site manager.

The FileZilla Client not only supports FTP, but also FTP over TLS (FTPS) and SFTP. It is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License. We are also offering FileZilla Pro, with additional protocol support for WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft. Start FileZilla. On the File menu, click Site Manager. Under Select Entry, click the site. On the General tab, in the Encryption list box, select Only use plain FTP (insecure). In a FileZilla client this means prefixing the host with 'FTPES://' to connect an 'explicit' FTPS server, or 'FTPS://' for the legacy 'implicit' server (for which you will likely also need to set the port to 990). TLS (FTPS) vs SSH (SFTP) FTPS (FTP encrypted with TLS) should not be confused with SFTP (SSH). Option FTP over TLS is not used by the hosting, so only plain FTP. When using plain ftp I get the belows logs. The support from the hosting company tried to connect and it worked. Only difference is that he is using Filezilla.3.43.7 while I'm using Thanks for the help.

Plain Ftp Filezilla

  1. Click file and open the site manager
  2. Click the new site button
  3. Enter a name for the new site
  4. Enter the following settings
    • Host: Your Domain Name or server IP address.
    • Port: 21
    • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    • Encryption: Use plain FTP
    • Logon Type: Ask for Password
    • User: Your cpanel username or the username of an FTP account
  5. Click the transfer settings tab. Then select Limit number or simultaneous connections and set the limit to 8
  6. Click the connect button
  7. You will be prompted for your password; enter it, and click OK.

Once you click connect it should connect to the server and allow you to download and upload files.


After setting up the site in the site manager you can simply open the site manager and click the connect button. You will not have to enter your settings again.

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Plain Ftp Filezilla


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