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NortonLifeLock today announced an agreement to acquire Avira, a company that provides a consumer-focused portfolio of cybersecurity and privacy solutions with a strong base in Europe and key emerging markets. Notably, Avira has built its business around a freemium model that Norton said it plans to keep. PE firm Investcorp Technology Partners acquired a majority stake in the company giving it an.

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Cybersecurity firm NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec) has agreed today to acquire German antivirus maker Avira from Bahrain-based Investcorp Technology Partners in a $360 million all-cash deal.

Norton Avira

The acquisition is expected to close in Q1 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions, the two companies said today in a joint press release.

Only eight months after getting acquired for $180 million, Avira is changing hands again, for double the value: NortonLifeLock today announced that it would acquire the German security firm for around $360 million in an all-cash deal.

Norton Avira

Norton Lifelock Inc

“NortonLifeLock and Avira are fiercely dedicated to helping protect consumers’ digital lives,” said Witteveen in a statement. “We are thrilled to become part of NortonLifeLock – a company that is synonymous with trust and leadership in Cyber Safety. By leveraging the scale of NortonLifeLock, we can reach and protect more consumers around the globe.”

After the deal closes — which is expected to happen in Q4 2021 — Witteveen and Avira’s CTO Matthias Ollig will join the NortonLifeLock leadership team, NortonLifeLock said.

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NortonLifeLock announced today that they have agreed to acquire Avira in an all-cash transaction for approximately $360 million.

Germany-based Avira Operations GmbH has built a large user base of 30 million devices around its freemium model. Under this model, people can install Avira antivirus for free but with less functionality than the premium versions.

The freemium products will attempt to upsell users to the premium version to generate revenue for Avira. The professional versions provide enhanced security features, such as mail filtering, ad blocking, and enhanced malware protection.

Norton Buys Avira

By acquiring Avira, NortonLifeLock hopes to expand into the freemium consumer market and strong markets in Europe and other emerging regions.

Tjark Auerbach

“I am delighted to welcome Avira to the Norton family,” said Vincent Pilette, CEO, NortonLifeLock. “We strive to bring Cyber Safety to everyone, and acquiring Avira adds a growing business to our portfolio, accelerates our international growth and expands our go-to-market model with a leading freemium solution. Culturally, we are a great match. We share a relentless focus on delivering innovative products to customers and we always think customer-first. We cannot wait to get started with Avira.”

This acquisition is expected to provide the following economic and financial benefits to NortonLifeLock:

  • Advances NortonLifeLock’s aspiration to bring Cyber Safety to everyone.
  • Accelerates international growth in Europe and key emerging markets.
  • Brings freemium business model and 30M+ active devices to the Norton family.
  • Adds approximately 3 points of growth to our revenue with more than 1.5M paying customers
  • Financially accretive in the first year, to achieve approximately 50% operating margin post-synergies.

Norton Avira Acquisition

In April 2020, Investcorp Technology Partners purchased Avira for $180 million. With this sale, Avira effectively doubled its value over the last eight months.

Norton Lifelock Acquisition

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