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When upgrading to version 3.4 or later from version 3.3 or earlier, Mylio needs to rescan all faces in the catalog. This is due to a new facial recognition software to enhance Mylio’s abilities to match and recognize people in your library. This can take a second or so per image meaning the larger your library, the longer this may take to complete.

Everything you need to know to edit photos with Mylio. Share your photos to multiple platforms. Learn how to organize with Mylio. Featured Articles. Using the Mylio Setup Wizard. Mylio Quick Start Guide. Downloading and Installing on your computer. Understanding Syncing. Face Recognition. Latest Mylio Version: 3.13. Both programs have a facial recognition feature that gives the handy way to browse a photo collection. In terms of photo improvements, Lightroom and Mylio provide features to edit photos, from the essential tools like crop, exposure, and saturation control to the advanced tools like curves and filters. I’m glad you find it useful Shannon. Lightroom has face recognition built-in. It can detect and recognize faces so you can add tags. I might write a tutorial about it, but you can easily Google “Lightroom Face Recognition” and you’ll get plenty of info. If you don’t use Lightroom, I would suggest Movavi Photo Manager.

Mylio face recognition tool

Mylio Face Recognition Tool

Some things to note while this upgrade is ongoing:

  • Multiple devices can work in concert to complete the upgrade more quickly. Opening an updated version of Mylio on other devices and allowing them to sync with each other can assist this process in finishing faster.
  • Only faces in the upgraded library are visible in batch tagging. Until the upgrade is complete, suggestions may be reduced in this feature and in suggestions for auto-face tagging.
  • The upgrade progress can be seen in the progress dialog by selecting the Activity circle in the top right.

Mylio Face Recognition

If you have previously, or currently, use Adobe Lightroom to manage your photos, you may notice that some terms and features are slightly different in Mylio.

  • Collections in Lightroom are very similar to albums in Mylio, they can contain photos from several locations around your library and will display them all together.
  • Folders in Lightroom’s Library section translate to folders in Mylio.
  • Developing is Lightroom’s version of editing tools, and was selected by choosing the Develop module in the top menu bar. Mylio’s editing controls are located in the Edit section of the Details panel.
  • Face Recognition in Lightroom is displayed in the People option while viewing a photo in the Library module. Mylio includes a central location for all tagged faces in People view. You can show similar face recognition information in Mylio by clicking the Face Tagging button in the Quick Actions bar.
  • Location data in Lightroom is displayed in the Map module. In Mylio this data is shown in the Map section of the Details panel. Mylio also displays all tagged locations in Map view.
  • Photo Metadata in Lightroom is shown in the right sidebar in most modules. In Mylio, all metadata is displayed in the Info section of the Details panel.
  • Keywords in Lightroom are shown in the keywording panel of the right sidebar when in the Library Module. Keywords in Mylio are shown in the Info section of the Details panel.

Mylio Face Recognition Download


Mylio Face Recognition App