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We had a few unique needs for our direct mailing project. My account rep did a great job of ironing out the details and making sure everything was set up correctly. Looking forward to doing more projects with PostcardMania! The pricing is very good and the customer support is very helpful when needing a lot of attention to detail. Whether selling replacement Mortgage Broker units or acquiring new maintenance customers, strategic direct marketing has proven to be your best results for your marketing dollar. It's based on the principal of presenting the Right Message to the Right People in the Right Channel at the Right Time. Develop the RIGHT MESSAGE.

In a world where digital marketing is everywhere, mortgage lenders still need to talk about printed mortgage marketing materials. Believe it or not, homebuyers still want those old-fashioned pieces of paper. They like something tangible to hold, share, and sometimes, even hang on the refrigerator.

In our industry, we typically talk about print in two primary areas: mortgage marketing direct mail and flyers.

First, a little background on mortgage marketing days of yore

In the old days (not so many years ago, actually), printed rate sheets were the go-to marketing tool. Loan officers often spent their Friday afternoons delivering printed rate sheets to real estate offices, arming agents with timely rate news and lending options before their weekend showings. With a little luck and a lot of perseverance, their information would land in the hands of qualified buyers, and (hopefully) applications would pour in on Monday.

Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Companies

Printed documents still play an important role in mortgage marketing efforts. Lucky for today’s loan officers, the emergence of digital mortgage marketing tools has made weekly deliveries to local real estate offices a thing of the past. A rate sheet can find its way to an email inbox much faster than into the agent’s mail cubby at the office. Even better, a continually updated landing page can offer agents current rates with a simple tap on the phone screen.

It’s important, however, that mortgage marketers don’t get so swept up in the quick solutions and shiny presentations of online mortgage marketing that they forget the basics of long ago. Maybe there isn’t a pressing need to get into a real estate agent’s office each week. But there’s still value in offering a piece of paper or mailed postcard to a potential client — especially if it sends them to the digital mortgage marketing hooks that reel them in.

Mortgage Marketing Flyers

Open house flyers and educational flyers may seem like yesterday’s news, but they still perform vital functions for building a mortgage business.

  • They give potential clients something to help them remember a specific property, which is especially useful if they visit many homes in a day.
  • They help a potential buyer determine if they might quality for a home loan
  • They strengthen relationships with referral partners.
  • They save time by providing borrowers information they need for a successful closing.

Open house flyers give pictures and details of a home, including features, sales price, and the selling agent’s contact information. Loan officers create them to include a rate sheet and their own contact information as well.

Old school open house flyers may have stopped there. But with today’s bounty of information, a mortgage marketing CRM can help a loan officer create a flyer with neighborhood data ranging from school and restaurant locators to demographic information and commute times. With so many options available, many loan officers no longer keep it to a simple one-sheet flyer. They’ll print on the front and back of the flyer or even create multi-page options instead.

A mortgage marketing CRM can help loan officers save time creating and delivering open house flyers. Loan officers can produce a cobranded single property website in just a few clicks by downloading MLS data. Loan officers can share the URL with the listing agent, who can then print flyers to take to the open house. The printed flyers will contain a QR code that sends buyers back to the single property site.

And for those virtual home shoppers who don’t make it to the open house? If they wish, they can print a flyer directly from the site without leaving their homes.

Educational flyers are an often overlooked lifeline for mortgage brokers and bankers. In addition to the marketing and cobranding opportunities they offer, informational flyers can also save loan officers precious time. Rather than taking phone calls to field the same questions over and over from multiple borrowers, a loan officer can share written explanations quickly and easily.

Options for educational flyers are endless. Common topic categories include:

  • Credit
  • First Time Buyer Education
  • Interest Rates
  • Loan Mechanics and Processes
  • Mortgage Planning
  • Motivation
  • Programs (such as FHA, VA, or USDA)
  • Refinancing
  • Renting vs. Owning

To be most effective, mortgage marketing flyers should be informative, eye-catching and easy to read. The best mortgage CRM systems provide editable flyers with modern designs marketers can adjust to their company style. The graphics and the content—the actual words—will be provided. The ability to edit is vital so mortgage companies can ensure the language is compliant and aligns with their own processes.

Ideally, a mortgage CRM will offer the ability to share educational flyers digitally or through print. While online mortgage marketing flyers are vital in today’s digital world, printed versions still have their place. Some common uses include:

  • Open Houses – For example, a loan officer might provide an educational flyer on low down payment options at an open house that’s expected to attract first time buyers. By cobranding the flyer with the selling agent, the loan officer effectively provides important, motivational information and two business cards in one place.
  • Home Tours – Printed educational flyers can also be a useful tool for real estate agents as they take home shoppers to view listings. By bringing along a kit with educational flyers that answer typical homebuyer questions, the real estate agent can save time, provide understandable answers, and strengthen their relationship with the prospect. The loan officer who provides the cobranded flyers will be a star in the eyes of the agent and stay top of mind with the prospect.
  • Homebuyer Seminars – Loan officers and agents often offer seminars to bring in clients and educate the community. Topics may include general homeownership, budgeting for a home, buying for the first time, investing in real estate, or credit repair. Printed educational flyers can serve as handouts or be included in a workbook.
  • In-Person Meetings – Printed flyers can save time in meetings with prospects or in-process borrowers by answering common questions. They also serve as take-home reminders that reinforce the important aspects of the loan process. As the loan officer meets potential referral partners, printed samples of informational flyers will demonstrate the loan officer’s resources and ability to co-promote.

Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

Like printed flyers, postal mail may seem out of style these days. But with all the digital messages constantly screaming at consumers, a warm greeting or even a clever solicitation in the mailbox can offer a nice break.

And if a trusted advisor sends just the right resource at the right time? Even better!

Read on for four tips and benefits for sending direct mail.

First, people like getting mail, and they’re more likely to recall the brand that sent it. There’s less clutter in a mailbox than in an email inbox or on social channels. And with less competition for attention, mailed messages are easier to focus on, comprehend and remember.

A compilation of direct mail statistics from various sources showed 41% of Americans look forward to checking their mail every day, including respondents of all ages. Furthermore, about 90% of direct mail pieces get opened, versus 20-30% of emails.

Direct mail is more memorable than digital. Immediately after receiving a direct mail piece, 75% of recipients can name the brand that sent it. Conversely, only 44% can immediately recall the sender of a digital ad. And direct mail captures an average response rate between 5% and 9%, versus only 1% of emails.

Mortgage direct mail campaign

Second, mortgage marketing postcards stand out over other kinds of mail. According to the Data & Marketing Association, postcards get a higher response rate at 4.25%, while direct-mailed letter-sized envelopes garner a 3.5% response rate. Plus, they’re cheaper to mail than letters.


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Mortgage marketers find it easy to make an impact with a bold, colorful image on the postcard face and targeted messaging on the back. And recipients can view and comprehend them quickly and conveniently. A letter in an envelope may require the recipient to put other things down to open and review. They are not as likely to go to the trouble and receive the full message if it looks like just another marketing piece.

Mortgage Operations Mail Stop 5107a

Postcards, especially large ones with colorful images, stand out from the crowd. Even if mailboxes are not as full as they once were, mail pieces may still find some competition. An odd-sized, sturdy card is less likely to get lost in the mix.

Images that spark curiosity are even more likely to grab attention. Unexpected images that go beyond a generic home or people signing mortgage papers will likely lead to unexpected and memorable text.

Finally, because of the limited space, marketers are required to create succinct messaging for postcards. This practice makes it easier for recipients to grasp the message and understand the needed response quickly.

Third, there’s always a good time to send mail. Whether the goal is to earn repeat business, engage new borrowers, or build referral partner relationships, mailed pieces can help. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Birthday greetings
  • Thank you notes to borrower, buying agent and selling agent after closing
  • A mortgage checkup reminder sent around a borrower’s loan anniversary date
  • Holiday greetings sent either as part of client for life campaigns or to groups of clients
  • Educational or motivational messages to targeted groups (a reverse mortgage message for clients ages 62 and older or renovation financing options for current homeowners, for example)
  • Cobranded cards for new listings or recent sales mailed to groups according to zip code

Fourth, direct mail marketing can be automated with a mortgage CRM platform. Just as with digital marketing, mailed mortgage marketing materials can be deployed automatically through a mortgage CRM. There are three primary ways:

  • Mail can be sent to individuals through rules. For example, if a prospect completes an online form requesting information but does not respond to calls or digital attempts to reach out, a rule can trigger a “thank you for your interest” postcard.
  • Recurring deployments can provide a set it and forget it option for a message that repeats on a regular basis, such as an annual reminder to check credit reports.
  • Campaigns or workflows assigned to individual contacts can deploy mail according to set parameters. These are usually either within a timeframe (maybe three weeks after the start of the campaign), part of an event sequence (maybe after three emails have been sent), or on a certain date (such as a holiday or the contact’s birthday).

Intersection of Digital and Print Mortgage Marketing

Print marketing is most effective when combined with digital marketing, including email, text messaging and mortgage landing pages, in a multi-channel marketing effort.

A postcard or open house flyer may include a QR code or a unique URL, sending the contact online to a mortgage landing page. For an open house flyer, the landing page might be a single property site including photos, specs, neighborhood information, and mortgage calculators. The QR code makes the printed piece interactive, provides a call to action, exponentially expands the space for messaging, and enables the tracking of responses.

Mortgage calculators, online flyers and single property sites can allow site visitors to print a PDF version. Providing both digital and printed formats ensures contacts get the information they need in the format that serves them best.

Print marketing and digital marketing can also overlap to reinforce messaging. The image used on a mailed birthday postcard may repeat or complement the imagery used in an emailed card, for example. Similarly, emails that encourage contacts to consider a refinance can be reinforced with a mailer that repeats the message.

Important Reminders for All Print Mortgage Marketing

The mortgage industry brings its own challenges and opportunities to any type of marketing. The primary unique concern is compliance. All printed materials must allow space for appropriate licensing and disclaimers to appear conspicuously, per guidelines. Ideally, the mortgage marketing platform will allow standard formatting to assure required statements appear consistently on every piece.

The best mortgage CRMs will allow users to edit existing content or to create content from scratch. Importantly, they’ll also enable managers or administrators to review and approve edits or new pieces created by loan officers or other team members to assure compliance and company branding.

Printed mortgage materials are often cobranded with referral partners. Templates need to allow space to promote two professionals, usually with contact information, logo, and photo for each. It’s helpful if the mortgage CRM system used to create the pieces addresses value sharing, per RESPA requirements.

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When it comes to meeting print and digital marketing needs for mortgage lenders, Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM brings the tools, industry specialization and experience to make implementation easy and effective. Our team would love to give you a tour!


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Larger organizations with multiple team members will benefit from the organizational structure of Surefire as you’ll be able to assign users to branches and centralize your marketing and communication from one system. Plus, you can easily deploy award-winning marketing messaging on behalf of your LO team members without them needing to lift a finger.

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Larger enterprise organizations benefit from key integrations to their technology stack, including their LOS, POS, and more. This seamless integration gives them a leg up against the competition. The system structure also makes it easy to manage branding throughout the organizational hierarchy. Plus, improve hiring and retention by offering LOs easy-to-use tools that will want them to stay part of your winning team.


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