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Canada – Wilfrid Laurier. Leader Perk: The Last Best West – Unlike other civilizations, Laurier can. R/Civilization6: Revamped Civ 6 Sub Reddit! Come chat, meet, and have fun in the Civ 6 community! Check out my game store here: is the leader of Hungary in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm! He is a domination-focused. Civilization VI (Video Game 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Ottoman people represent a civilization in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. They are led by Suleiman, under whom their default colors are white and dark green.

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Levy City State Units
  • You can levy a City States (CS) military units if you are currently suzerain of that CS. You can do this multiple times for each CS but if already levying units, you cannot levy more until you are no longer levying units.
  • It costs the base production value of the units levied in gold. A warrior costs 40 production so if a CS has 3 warriors to Levy, it will cost 120 gold to do so.
  • You have to pay maintenance on the units you levy
  • You can levy units that you have not discovered yet, they are not demoted.
  • You can tell how many turns you have left by hovering your mouse over the unit. Note the CS levy status hides any promotions
  • I have tested levying up to 20 units without issue.

  • Levied units act like your units in most ways, you can upgrade them in the same way including to a specialist troop like a Janissary and they have the same move limitations as your units. They also get the same bonuses as your units including card and Civ specific bonuses and suffer from resource shortages. They lose any abilities they had due to discoveries or cards the CS had that you do not have. They do retain promotions and do count for other area like eras points and inspirations. One limit is you will not get your first galley era points by levying but you would get your first sword points by upgrading. But not double checked the galley issue or if it works for quests.
  • Once 30 turns have passed and you are still suzerain, levied units revert back to the CS for ownership.
  • If you lose suzerain of the CS before 30 turns, all levied units revert back to the City State or to the AI that levies them.
  • You cannot delete levied units.
  • Levied units do not count toward your civs military strength.
  • It seems like promotions gained by CS units only count when under Levy status. When the unit reverts back to the CS the promotion are kept but the promotions do not count.

A levied promoted unit reverts but keeps its special status.
  • If you attack the original CS with a levied unit you immediately lose Suzerain status and the units revert back to the CS before the combat takes place.
  • The AI does now make use of Levying CS. Especially Hungary and Sumeria.
  • You can encouarge a CS to make more troops by sending them trade routes (gold to them) and improve their land with your builders. Sending more envoys also increases their land size so potentially more production.
  • If you rename a levied unit, it loses its name when it reverts back to the CS (but retains the promotions)
Era Score
You gain +1 era score for levying units from a CS or +2 if within 'striking distance' or 6 tiles of an enemy civ. If you levy multiple times, you get multiple era points.
You gain +2 era score for making another civs Levied troops stand down.Matthias Civ 6
Civ Levy Abilities
Hungary - Levied CS units receive +2 Movement and +5 Combat Strength, and can be upgraded at a 75% discount in Gold and resources. Levying troops from a city-state grants 2 Envoys with that CS.
Sumeria - levying CS units costs half the normal price.
Foreign Ministry
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Hungary Civ Vi

If you build the Tier 2 government building Foreign Ministry you can levy CS units at half the gold cost and they gain +4 combat strength.
Gilgamesh with foreign Ministry is 1/4 price.

Tips and Tricks
  • Levy CS units to get era points, quests, eurekas and inspirations as well as a possible galley to explore with.
  • Levy CS units on the other side of the world, upgrade them and attack with them is a very fast way of colonizing distant shores as well as exploring their interior.
  • Levy CS units and then use them to form a barrier around the CS forcing the AI to either stop attacking the CS or declare war on you.
  • Allied CS units will sometimes attack and destroy an enemies city or an enemies CS. If you do not want this to happen levy their troops. If you do not have enough gold, maybe the CS will lose some units therefore making it cheaper to levy so keep an eye out.

Matthias Corvin Civ 6

Note: The discussion tab of this post has some proof screenshots but everything stated here has been tested.

Hungary Civ 6

Today Firaxis Games announced that Hungary is joining Civilization 6 in their new Gathering Storm expansion.
While Budapest appeared as a City State in Civilization 4, this is Hungary’s first time as a Civilization in the main game.

Hungary Bonuses


Civilization Leader: Matthias Corvinus
Civilization Bonus: Pearl of the Danube – Districts and Building built across a River from a City Centre Build Faster
Leader Bonus: Raven King – Bonus to Levied Units from City States, it is free to upgrade Levied Units, Levied Units gives you Envoys in the City State.
Unique Unit: Black Army – Gains Combat Bonus being next to Levied Units
Unique Unit: Huszar – Gains a Combat Bonus for each active Alliance
Unique Building: Thermal Bath – Replaces the Zoo, +Amenity, +production to an City Centre in range, Bonus if there is a Geothermal Fissure in the City’s tile range

Hungary First Look

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Civ 6 Thermal Bath

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