MarsEdit is a superb blog editor for your Mac.

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The first thing you usually pay attention to when choosing a program to write a blog is the number of services it supports, with this parameter MarsEdit is fine. The client can work with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, TypePad, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Drupal, Vox and many other less popular blog platforms. MarsEdit is the pre-eminent blogging app for Mac OS X, making it easy to compose, preview, and publish blog posts to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and more.

Offline editing of a WordPress blog can be a different experience for everyone. Some may use TextEdit, Pages, Microsoft Word or whatever your favorite document editing software might be. The problem with using any of those is you can only do so much before having to copy and paste your text to your WordPress blog, insert your tags and images — pretty much any layout for the article. With that being said, it makes more since to just write it in the visual text editor of your WordPress blog.

If you are doing a lot of writing you need to find a workflow that makes doing your work as quick and simple as possible. That’s why I’m now using MarsEdit from Red Sweater.

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MarsEdit is Mac software that gives you the option to write and layout all of your post before publishing directly to your blog. It is is built to work with blogs from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, and Moveable Type. It does work as an offline editor, which is something I’ve been looking for for a long time. You can preview the formatting of your post and publish when you are ready.


MarsEdit works very easily with the rest of your Mac OS interface. It allows you to browse for photos to use in your post from your iPhoto, Aperture, or Lightroom libraries. Once you find a photo you want to use, the app will embed it for automatic upload. For WordPress users, this means you get to save a few steps in the upload process.


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Another very cool feature with MarsEdit is the ability to write in Rich Text and then being able to convert it to HTML. This means you don’t have any distractions while you are writing, plus you can edit the HTML code if needed — the option to do that is still available.

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Using MarsEdit has been great. It’s given me the ability to pick up my laptop quickly set up a blog post and save it offline until I feel it’s ready to post online. I’ve noticed since I’ve started using MarsEdit I’ve been less distracted because when going full screen in MarsEdit the only thing on my screen is the text field as opposed to a lot of menus in the field of view when I use the editor in WordPress.

MarsEdit is very easy and simple to setup. When first opening it you will be asked to enter your blog credentials and MarsEdit does the rest. To some the price may seem high at $39.99, but MarsEdit is premium software that any person who is writing daily will love and appreciate.

You can find more about MarsEdit by visiting, or download from the App store below.