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A little guide to SL photography…


As mentioned previously, I ran across some striking portraits on Pinterest, under photography ideas, that I wanted to challenge myself to try with SL digital photography. I attached my trusty LUMIPro lighting HUD and began to experiment. Although it is expensive, if you’re into photography or blogging SL pictures, I think this awesome HUD is well worth the cost and can do some amazing things. Warning, this is going to have a lot of pictures because I wanted to showcase the different colors and how you can achieve incredibly different looks via angles. All were taken with the midnight windlight. Please also note that I used the stylist with my Truth hair to move the hair so that colors could be emphasized, etc. (How in the world did we make do with the old fashioned hair?! Truth spoiled me for other brands by being one of the first to offer the stylist options. lol)

First, I started with the original soft lighting it provides utilizing the butterfly lighting selection.

I then customized the color of the lighting balls (think of poseballs but emit light instead) and moved their positions a bit, to cast the light across the body slightly differently than it usually does with the butterfly lighting option. Instead of utilizing the RGB default that creates the natural soft hue, I changed one to blue, one to pink, and another to purple. I also adjusted the intensity and falloff of the lighting (seriously, this thing is so customizable it’s insane). At first I made pink the dominant right color and a softer blue to the left side, with a hint of purple from lower behind (it actually just pumped up the color of the other two instead of changing the effect).

I wanted to provide a closeup of the first pose to show the difference between the color falloff I had set. If you notice in the first picture, her legs are closer to the normal soft RGB hue, whereas the emphasis of color is focused on her face. Not only did I customize that setting, but I also positioned the blue and pink attached lighting balls on the sides of her face (I always leave them attached and just hide them when taking pictures or not in use, since they don’t have much complexity impact at all). I think the second pose shows how a slightly different angle made the hands and left cheek really pretty.

I then moved the purple lighting ball higher, so it cast a slightly different hue to the pictures and I thought they turned out really gorgeous, so I had to include them. 🙂 Plus, that crouched position shows off the lighting SO well in my opinion. Note how the pink is more of a kiss of color instead of being so dominant, since I brought the darker tones to the forefront.

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Gallery of LUMIPro based photos is available at our studio. Technical note: Not all graphics cards are able to cast shadows. If you set your graphics to ultra and can't see shadows from the outdoor sun, then you'll likely not seem them with LUMIPro. Download instructions See item in Second Life ® View Video ».

For the next set I tried one with the pink still at the left side, but then I made the blue and purple lighting balls more dominant, which I think gives a whole different feel to the pictures, despite being repeats of the same poses as previous ones. I also moved the balls around between shots, so some pictures are darker and more striking to me.

I then couldn’t resist a more active shot that shows off how the three colors light different areas of the body and I think color gives it even more impact, but that could just be me and my being proud of my experiment while I had a lot of fun. *grin*

Hubba hubba does that hint of skin pop with the color! And a tattoo with lace never worked so well together. 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little lighting color experiment and maybe sparked a little creativity in you. Also, I really hope that if you’re into SL photography that you consider the investment into LUMIPro (not sponsored, just really impressed by it), after seeing some of the options it offers. It offers so many options without using harsh WLs or face lights/projectors, and I seriously love that I can share it with others, so when Luke and I take pictures together, like in the apocalyptic Ohm shoot, I can gently light both of us with just a couple clicks.

For more info about tutorials, art, destinations, tip and tricks and shopping event in sl visit my blog:🔥 read carefully: nobody i. For me I have learned how to operate the LumiPro system better this week. In real life I am a boudoir/fitness/pin-up photographer and controlling lights is second nature now after 15 years or so, but there are different things that complicate things on Second Life. I found the LUMIPro HUD on the Second Life marketplace and the description there that led me to several longer introduction video tutorials and to the blog about the HUD (see here) – very interesting. The HUD is quite expensive for Second Life Standards, it seems complicated and it is complex but I thought that it might be worth the money. I think the second pose shows how a slightly different angle made the hands and left cheek really pretty. I then moved the purple lighting ball higher, so it cast a slightly different hue to the pictures and I thought they turned out really gorgeous, so I had to include them.

Have a great day and enjoy your SL travels! 🙂

Pose Credits:

All but the last were from West End Poses Spring Daisy Pose Collection, although I didn’t use the flower and let my AO shift my hands and head for some pictures. (Note: they moved recently, and I’m having trouble logging in, so I may have the old SLurl. I’m sorry if I do!)

The last pose is the Luanes World pose named Be Fearless.

Wow the title for this post is a bit of a mess, but it was a working title when I went out to make this picture and I just kept it. These jumbled together words refer to the different outfits that I used parts of to create this look.

Now before we go into the outfit that I am wearing and that was the reason of making this picture, I want to share with you all the location of where I took it. The sim is called Brand New Colony absolutely gorgeous landscaped and with lots of places that are just perfect for making pictures, to cuddle or more. The sim is rated adult…and there is a good reason for that. But don’t let that stop you from exploring this wonderful place.

Lumipro Second Life

The outfit that I put together consists of parts of three different outfits of Candy Kitten to begin there are the boots called Summer Love Boots which of course explains the ‘summer’ part in the title of this post. The next item I used is the Fancy princess top and here the mystery of the second and third word of the title have been solved. The last item I am wearing in this picture is the skirt, and that is the skirt from the Hot Mess set.

For the top however you will have to wait a little bit longer, it will be available at the coming round of The Chapter Four, yes you heard it right it is the second event where Candy Kitten will make her mark!

Now there are two more things to mention about this look, the hair that I use (again) in this picture is from eXxEsS and is called Coral. It has been a style I have been using in the past few pictures, I just love how it frames my face. The pose I used is one of Bauhaus Movement from the Sue collection.