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  1. Login Page Design In Bootstrap Free
  • Dec 26, 2016 Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a powerful mobile-first front-end framework. It is very helpful in faster and easier web development by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap is open source and there are many Bootstrap sample applications already submitted on GitHub. Browser Support. Most of the browsers support Bootstrap framework.
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Dec 03, 2020 Login Form 15 is clean and professional looking bootstrap login form design. The classy design of the login form makes it a perfect choice for all types of business websites. At the top, you have the option to image background. Based on the type of business website, you can use a corresponding image background.

If you are a web developer then you often required some kind of form on your website. And on those forms, the most widely used forms are log in, Registration, and Forgot Password form. So today in this post I'm going to show you how to design nice elegant fully Responsive Login, Registration, & Forgot Password form using Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and FontAwesome.

Here I'll use most of the classes of Bootstrap 4 to make responsive forms. And I'll also use a few custom CSS properties in which I'll use a Google Font and also I'll use some gradient colours.

I'll design three forms on the same page but by default, only the Login form will be visible and both others will be invisible. So, here I'll use jQuery to make other forms visible. I'm also using some FontAwesome Icons.


Okay now let's start designing these forms, so here I'll show you all the coding in step by step :

Step 1: Create a project directory

In this step, We'll first create a project directory anywhere in your system. I'm creating in desktop. Let's name this directory responsive-login-registration or you can also keep any other name it's up to you. After creating the directory let's open this directory in your code editor and then just see the below image and make the project structure as you can see in the image below :

In the above image you can see I've created a CSS and js folder in the root of the project directory and in CSS folder I've created a file style.css and in the js folder I've created a file script.js and I've also created an index.html file in the root of the project directory.

Step 2: Coding in Index.html page

Login page design in bootstrap 4

If you have created all the files then first We'll code in index.html file so open your index.html file and just copy the below code and paste in your file and save.

You can see all the coding of the index.html file above. Now what I've done in this file is first you can see I've linked the Bootstrap 4 CSS CDN link, FontAwesome CSS CDN link, and also I've linked my Custom style.css file inside the head tag. And then you can see I've designed all the three forms on the same page but the registration and forgot password form are not visible on the page because I've used display: none CSS property on both form.

Login Page Design In Bootstrap

Step 3: Coding in style.css file

Let's code some custom CSS properties for all the forms. Just copy the below CSS codes and paste in your style.css file and save.

In the above CSS codes, I've used Google font so at the top I've imported the font family. Now you can see all the codes are self-explanatory.

Step 4: Coding in script.js file

Now, this is an important step. Here We'll write jQuery codes to make the other forms visible and hide the other one. So for this first copy the codes of script.js file from below and paste in your file and save.


Okay now, what here in this code I'm doing is you can see I've designed a Sign-Up button on the right side of the Login form. So on this button, I'm using a click event by selecting the button using an id that is assigned in the index.html. So when We click on the Sign-Up button then We are hiding the Login form and displaying the Registration form. Similarly, I've done on all the button click.

Step 5: Output of the forms

Login Page Design In Bootstrap Free

So above you can see some screenshots of the forms. If you liked this post then share this post with your friends. If you have any issue regarding this post then comment down your issues, I'll try to fix your issues as soon as possible. And if you want to learn more about Web Design & Development then you must visit my YouTube Channel.