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Point being: On flat water, the fly line must be completely muted and either gray, green, or blue. And in lumpy water, such as in the photo, color matters far less, but a greenish-blueish-gray line. The only guide of its kind, Line Color Form offers a thorough introduction to design theory and terminology in a visually appealing and accessible format. With hundreds of illustrations and minimal text, this primer was created with visual learners in mind, making it ideal for art students as well as those for whom English is a second language.

When we create line chart with each of the lines having different color, we might want to change the color of lines if the colors we used at the first time are not making the chart attractive. This can be done by manually setting the color of the lines in the chart with the help of scale_color_manual function.


Consider the below data frame −


Changing the color of the lines to Green and Black −


In this tutorial, we will learn how to change line color and other attributes in matplotlib in python.
Using matplotlib we can implement various types of graphs such as bar graph, pie chart, scatter graph, etc. But we will focus on the line graph for the sake of simplicity. There are also various markers you can use to show lines or points. You can change the colors of markers, points, and lines using this method.

Changing the color of lines in matplotlib

There are many ways by which you can change line color in matplotlib python.
First, make sure that matplotlib is installed.
The keyword arguments (**kwargs) are used to change the colors.

  1. First import the matplotlib library.
  2. Using the plt.plot method type the points or lines that you want to plot.
  3. In the brackets, if you don’t mention the line color as shown above; by default, it chooses the bluecolor.
  4. You can change the color by using full names color=”red”.
  5. You can change the color by using hex strings (‘#008000’).
  6. By using the RGB or RGBA tuples ((0,1,0,1)).
  7. Another way is by using grayscale intensities as a string (‘0.8’).
  8. By simply mentioning the initials of the colors. (“b” = blue, “r”= red, “g”= green, “c”= cyan, “m”= magenta, “y”= yellow, “k”= black, “w”= white.)

Line Color 3d

Line Color

NOTE: make sure when typing the full name or initials, write then in the single inverted commas. (‘ ”).

Line Coloring Book

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Line Color 3d

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