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Install libreoffice online nextcloudOnline

With the integration of Libreoffice online, the following error is displayed

Error occurs when opening an existing document or create a new document

Here is the Docker log:

It is a good idea to do a small comparison between the various features. There are a variety of things that might be on your mind like: ONLYOFFICE vs. LibreOffice online; ONLYOFFICE vs. LibreOffice Nextcloud; ONLYOFFICE desktop editors vs. LibreOffice; and so much more! Knowing the product features can help you decide. Collabora Online in Nextcloud Collabora Online integration tutorial video We are able to provide a solution for Online Office for the entire Nextcloud community through our partnership with Collabora in an easy to use docker image for developers and home users. Enterprise users looking for a more reliable solution should contact Nextcloud Sales. Nextcloud which is a brilliant groupware suite in its own right supports LibreOffice Online and integrates perfectly with it. I'm following the instructions created by Collabora and Nextcloud from here, and more specifically the Nginx variation here.

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loolforkit version details: 2.0.1 - 2.0.1
kit-00046-0046 0:00:11.685798 [ loolkit ] ERR symlink('…/lo','/opt/lool/child-roots/46/opt/collaboraoffice5.1') failed (errno: File exists) kit/Kit.cpp:257
kit-00047-0047 0:00:11.703482 [ loolkit ] ERR symlink('…/lo','/opt/lool/child-roots/47/opt/collaboraoffice5.1') failed (errno: File exists) kit/Kit.cpp:257
kit-00046-0046 0:00:11.721471 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Exception: symlink() failed kit/Kit.cpp:1721
1mkit-00047-0047 0:00:11.721472 [ loolkit ] ERR Poco Exception: Exception: symlink() failed kit/Kit.cpp:1721
wsd-00025-0028 0:00:21.466073 [ client_req_hdl ] WRN WOPI host did not pass optional access_token_ttl wsd/FileServer.cpp:255
wsd-00025-0029 0:00:22.018448 [ client_ws_0002 ] ERR Unknown resource: /lool/ wsd/LOOLWSD.cpp:1204
wsd-00025-0029 0:00:34.138454 [ client_ws_0003 ] ERR Unknown resource: /lool/ wsd/LOOLWSD.cpp:1204
wsd-00025-0029 0:00:34.251622 [ client_ws_0004 ] ERR Unknown resource: /lool/ wsd/LOOLWSD.cpp:1204
wsd-00025-0028 0:00:50.524310 [ client_ws_0005 ] ERR Unknown resource: /lool/ wsd/LOOLWSD.cpp:1204

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