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Is libreoffice safeLibreoffice

I am so glad that LO 5.1 supports Remote Service, that enable user to save a file in the cloud like Onedrive.However, there is no information about the setting of the remote servers. I have a Onedrive account which I like to work directly with LO. In the RC 2 of LO5.1 Under the Remote file, where can I find the information for :

hostshareuser (ok this I know)Label (ok this probably the user can decide himself)Root

Could anyone help me up on this?

Thank you

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Libreoffice Onedrive

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Libreoffice 64 Bit Windows 10


I tried various combination for Google Drive. I came up with the same message: 'Error saving the document Untitled1:The specified device is invalid' I am not certain why this feature has been touted in the press releases, but there is no information on how one actually can use it.

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I have the same problem with Calc. I apparently open a remote file, but when I try to save it, it doesn't succeed and on the remote storage (Google Drive) there is no file, neither an error message:Is there some configuration to do before?

thank youroberto

I get the device invalid when I try and save my credentials for google drive

Libreoffice リモートファイル Onedrive

I've tried using it to open documents from Google Drive, but regardless of whether I use my name with or without the '', I get a 'general input/output error'. I have never seen this function actually work.Of course, the other issue, if it ever works, will be to see if it can open 'Google Docs' (the ones that don't exist as actual files on Google Drive), or are you limited to actual physical files (in which case the utility is not much use to me anyway).

With the keyboard:

Press Insert to toggle between overwrite mode and insert mode. The current mode is displayed on the Status Bar. The text cursor must be enabled in the cell or in the input line.

With the mouse:

On the Status Bar, click on the area indicating the current mode in order to switch to the other mode:


    Insert mode is enabled. The text cursor is a blinking vertical line. Click on the area to enable the overwrite mode.

  • OVER

    The overwrite mode is enabled. The text cursor is a blinking block. Click on the area to enable insert mode.