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Using LibreOffice with MariaDB [and Docker]

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Using LibreOffice with MariaDB [and Docker]
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This talk will show how to use LibreOffice's graphical user interface (GUI) to interact with your favorite database. It will cover how to connect LibreBase to a MariaDB database (both free and open source software) in order to inspect and play with your data, especially for new users. Through a live demo, all steps will be presented to successfully start LibreBase and MariaDB through Docker, and how to integrate them through the MariaDB ODBC connector. The process will show how to solve problems with a wrong setup and packages. At the end, a Dockerfile will be created to build the image and automate the above process.
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  • Using LibreOffice with MariaDB [and Docker] (slides)

Hello, I have been using OO/LO for years and have used both the Java-Connector but also ODBC under both Debian-Linux and Windows-Vista. When it became available I switched to the Native MySQL-Connector as delivered by MySQL. Using the MariaDB/MySQL database with LibreOffice.Basic setup and some form examples are shown.This demo is performed on a Linux system but it applies to MS. Start MariaDB server and create data 2. MariaDB ODBC connector 3. Start LibreOffice Base and connect to the running instance 4. Repeat above through the Docker.

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