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Purchase or download the latest LibreOffice Getting Started Guide, written by community experts. LibreOffice, the best free and open source office suite. LibreOffice comes with an extensive Help system. This is your first line of support for using LibreOffice. To display the full Help system, press F1 or select LibreOffice Help from the Help menu. In addition, you can choose whether to activate Tips, Extended Tips, and the Help Agent (using Tools Options LibreOffice General). LibreOffice repeatedly crashes when opening any kind of document (doc, odt, ods, xls) Using Windows Vista. First time I'm having this. I've been using LOffice or OOo for years. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3.5.4 version, and no result. General Activities LibreOffice 7.1.2 was released on April 1st Ilmari Lauhakangas (TDF) wrote a nice report about the progress done by the Macro Team in the last year Stanislav Horacek updated some menu paths in Help. Seth Chaiklin clarified the meaning of numbered paragraphs in Help.

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Open Document Format (ODF) is an international family ofstandards that is the successor of commonly used deprecated vendor specificdocument formats such as .doc, .wpd, .xls and .rtf. ODF is standardised at OASIS

ODF is notsoftware, but a universal method of storing and processing informationthat transcends specific applications and providers. ODF is not only moreflexible and efficient than its predecessors, but also future proof. Publicsector, business and cultural content must not be lost if a supplier decides tono longer support legacy file formats, while other software cannot deal withthose files. With ODF you avoid that risk: it is an international standardactively supported by multiple applications, and it can be safelyimplemented in any type of software, including open source software - suchas is common on the majority of mobile phones and tablets these days. Thesocietal importance of the move to ODF is therefore considerable.

In any normal office situation you will be using ODF in your word processoror spreadsheet, but it is just as easily incorporated into software frameworks,business software, web applications or a with a braille reader. For people withvisual disabilities, ODF is a major advance as it means access to a richerrange of applications. A growing number of governments are switching over to ODFfor exchanging information. There are many applications that could get youstarted today too. Make sure you're ready for the future!

With ODF theway you store documents does not determine the software you work with. Files inthe OpenDocument Format (ODF) are platform independent and do not rely on anyspecific piece of software whatsoever. Every software maker can implementwithout having to pay royalties. Although technically behind the scenes allOffice applications now use the same ISO-standardized format, for theconvenience of new users it was chosen to use separate names for the differentapplications - just like they are used to. You recognize these by their'extensions': .odt (text) .ods (for spreadsheets), .odp (for presentations), andso on.

Make information work for you

Working with ODF is the way to go if you want to pair security and backwards compatibility with higly innovative features that can help improveyour work flow, and there is ample industry support to back that statument up.


'Microsoft has supported ODF, which stands for Open Document Format, since Office 2007 Service Pack 2 and made significant contributions to defining the latest version', tells Emily Warn on Microsoft's, 'Software engineers on the Microsoft Office team provided detailed information about Microsoft Excel's behavior so Excel's formulas will interoperate in the future with other spreadsheet programs that use ODF. And, they contributed to ODF 1.2's security standards, which will make sure you can protect information in your documents.'

'Word processing software moves beyond the traditional processing of simple strings of letters to performing reasoning on information and helping you manage the things in your life', says Dr. Ben Martin, a leading freelance software developer that has contributed to a number of the leading open source Office solutionsincluding AbiWord, Calligra and KOffice.

Firmar En Libreoffice

When work first started on ODF 1.0, back in December, 2002, the idea of having an open standard for office documents was radical', says Rob Weir (IBM's Lotus Symphony and Apache OpenOffice incubator project). Every word processor had its own format, and most formats were undocumented or had documentation available only under anti-competitive licenses. ODF challenged that status quo and shook the palace walls of companies whose business models relied on ensuring that your documents were the source of their vendor lock-in. In some places the walls crumbled. Today having an open standard document format is considered to the norm.'

(read more quotes on ODF from governments, developers and experts all over the world)

Works the same everywhere

How to workwith ODF

If all is well in most situations you won't really notice that you are usingODF, it works just like the old file formats. Many of the latest versions ofOffice suites, word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software you workwith, will create new documents directly in ODF. If the wrong settings prevent the application from doing so, check the manual or contact yourvendor to configure it correctly so your application stores documents in ODF.

Popular solutions like Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, Calligra Suite, EuroOffice and Microsoft Office for Windows have ODF as their default file format.The same applies to online software such as Google Docs and Zoho Office, whichalso use ODF as a standard.

Why would you even consider storing your valuable information in avendor-specific, deprecated file format that was written off by the entiremarket, including the companies that created them - especially if you can have areliable, future-proof and widely supported international standard that issupported by the same products?

If you are using alternative products that support ODF natively next toapplication specific formats, you just select OpenDocument format when you 'saveas'. You can use one of these solutions to convert existing documents (eg. a.doc file) safely to ODF.

We like that ODF has been developed through an open, inclusive process - one that welcomes government participation and input - and that there are many products which support ODF, so vendor lock-in is not a concern. As a vivid promoter of open standards, Fedict welcomes ODF 1.2 and encourages vendors to implement this specification on various platforms, ensuring 'universal' (any device/any OS) information accessibility both in the short term and long term.

- Peter Strickx, CTO Fedict
(the agencyresponsible for developing and implementing e-gov strategy in Belgium).

OpenDocument Format is standardised by OASIS and adopted by ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34. ODF is the current best practise for sharing and storingoffice documents across the industry, which is proven by the fact that many governments around the world have already adopted it. Why not try?

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Questa finestra di dialogo permette di aggiungere e rimuovere firme digitali nel documento. Potete inoltre utilizzare questa finestra di dialogo per visualizzare i certificati.


Scegliete File - Firme digitali

Scegliete Strumenti - Macro - Firme digitali

Scegliete File - Proprietà - scheda Generale, fate clic sul pulsante Firme digitali

Fate doppio clic sul campo Firma nella barra di stato


Elenca le firme digitali per il documento attivo.

L'icona Firmato

Libreoffice Format Code

indica una firma digitale valida, mentre l'icona di punto esclamativo

segnala una firma digitale non valida.

Libreoffice Firma

Vedete anche Firme digitali.

Visualizza certificato


Apre la finestra di dialogo Visualizza certificato.


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Apre la finestra di dialogo Seleziona certificato.

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