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For detailed information check out our wiki page. Community publications. Nov 12, 2017 All of my documents are saved in LibreOffice. On upgrading to the latest version, all of my.odt documents are now automatically converting to and opening in Word.


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Chapter #TitleODTPDF
1Introducing CalcODTPDF
2Entering, Editing, and Formatting Data.ODTPDF
3Using Charts and Graphs.ODTPDF
4Using Styles and Templates.ODTPDF
5Using Graphics in Calc.ODTPDF
6Printing, Exporting, & E-mailing.ODT
7Formulas and Functions.ODTPDF
8Using Pivot Tables.ODTPDF
9Data Analysis.ODTPDF
10Linking Calc DataODTPDF
11Sharing and Reviewing.ODTPDF
12Calc MacrosODTPDF
13Calc as a Simple DatabaseODTPDF
14Setting Up & Customizing CalcODTPDF
Appendix AKeyboard Shortcuts.ODTPDF
Appendix BCalc Functions.ODTPDF
Appendix CCalc Error Codes.ODTPDF