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LibreOffice Template Center is the webpage where you can browse or download LibfeOffice templates for your needs. Using LaTex in PowerPoint. Popular Keywords. I use libreoffice draw to create figures, some of which contain math formulas. I'd really like to have the math symbols look similar/identical to the rest of the document. I've been able to access the main formula fonts by symbolic-linking to all the font files in the TeXLive installation under my /.fonts directory, then editing the pull-down. TexMaths makes use of LaTeX program in your system to produce the output on LibreOffice document. So of course to run it you need LaTeX itself. In Ubuntu, it's enough to install texlive-latex-base package with its small dependencies: $ sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base. TexMaths is an addon designed to provide LaTeX support into LibreOffice. LaTeX equations can be inserted as images (SVG or PNG formats) and the LaTeX code is saved into the image attribute for further editing.

2) Select Use LibreOffice dialogs in Open/Save dialogs to display and use the LibreOffice dialogs for opening and saving files. 3) For Linux operating systems only, select Use LibreOffice dialogs in Print Dialogs to display and use the LibreOffice dialogs for printing your documents. 4) Click OK to save your settings and close the dialog.

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Writer2LaTeX is a LaTeX/BibTeX export filter and front end for Writer


Writer2LaTeX provides Writer export filters for LaTeX/BibTeX

This enables you to typeset your Writer documents with LaTeX, which does a better job typesetting text,in particular text with formulas. Writer2LaTeX gives you extensive control over the export of formatting. It can convert your document with as much formatting as possible preserved, or you can completely control the LaTeX code generated for each style in the source document – or even remove all formatting.

Furthermore, Writer2LaTeX makes Writer act as a frontend for LaTeX. This feature integrates Writer with your LaTeX installation, and lets you invoke LaTeX and view the resulting file directly from the provided toolbar.

Writer2LaTeX also enables you to use BibTeX as bibliographic database in Writer (this feature can be used independently of the LaTeX export).

For information about other features, documentation, source code and development releases see

Writer2LaTeX requires Java to run. Trouble installing Writer2LaTeX? Please have a look at the installation FAQ

If you are interested in this extension, you may also be interested in the companion Writer2xhtml


Release List

  • ReleaseDescriptionCompatibilityOperating SystemsLicenseRelease notes
  • 1.6.1This release fixes a bug with the string replace feature5.0Linux, Windows, macOSLGPL

    This is a minor update to version 1.6, fixing a bug with the string replace feature.

  • 1.6The new release: Adds a toolbar for easy acces to LaTeX export, logfiles, BibTeX files and configuration. Adds a feature to insert bibliographic citations directly from a BibTeX file. Adds font selection to the export dialog5.0Linux, Windows, macOSLGPL

    News in version 1.6

    - New toolbar replacing the previous separate extension Writer4LaTeX
    - New feature to insert bibliographic references in Writer directly from BibTeX files
    - The log viewer dialog now features an option to display error messages only
    - WMF and EMF images are now exported to PDF
    - Basic support for Hebrew (XeTeX backend only)
    - Export bibliography using a thebibliography environment if use_bibtex is false
    - Adapt to the new color scheme in StarMath introduced with LO 4.4/AOO 4.2
    - New option old_math_colors to select the old StarMath color scheme
    - New option font to select a predefined font scheme
    - New option bibtex_encoding to select the encoding for external BibTeX files

  • 1.4This release adds support for TexMaths equations, various improvements to formula export, and reduced memory usage.4.1LGPLDownload
  • 1.2.1This version is compatible with LibreOffice 4.x4.0LGPLThis release is compatible with LibreOffice 4.x and fixes a few bugs in Writer2LaTeX 1.2 betaDownload
  • 1.0.2This is the stable version as of may 20103.3LGPLDownload

Recently I had to do a homework assignment using linear regression in OLS equations and LaTex. I used Libreoffice in Linux Mint 16.2 and the TexMaths ( extension to create these formulas. The formulas come from Gordon’s (2015) Regression Analysis for the Social Sciences 2nd ed. The equations are basic but I hope it may save someone some time.

Latex In Libreoffice Impress

Latex in libreoffice 2

Here is the sample mean:

Libreoffice Texmath

bar{y} = frac{1}{n}sum_{i=1}^n y_i

Here is the sample variance:
sigma^2 = frac{sumlimits_{i=1}^{n}(y_i – bar{y})^2} {n – 1}

Here is the sample standard deviation:
sigma = sqrtfrac{sumlimits_{i=1}^{n}(y_i – bar{y})^2} {n – 1}
Regression Function OLS

Population regression line:
Y_i = beta_0 + beta_1 X_i + epsilon_i

Sample regression line:
hat{Y}_i = hat{beta}_0 + hat{beta}_1 X_i + hat{epsilon}_i

Sample slope:
hat{beta}_1 = frac{sum(X_i – bar{X}) (Y_i – bar{Y})} {sum(X_i – bar{X})^2}

Sample intercept:
hat{beta}_0 = bar{Y} – hat{beta}_1 bar{X}

Conditional Variance:
hat{sigma}^2 = frac{sum{hat{epsilon}}^2_i} {n – 2} = frac{sum(Y_i – hat{Y}_i)^2} {n – 2}

Libre Office Add Ins

Conditional Standard Deviation:
hat{sigma} = sqrtfrac{sum(Y_i – hat{Y}_i)^2} {n – 2}

Sample slope standard error:
hat{sigma}{_hat{beta}{_1}} = frac{hat{sigma}} {sqrt{sum(X_i – bar{X})^2}}

Sample intercept standard error:
hat{sigma}{_hat{beta}}{_0} = hat{sigma} sqrtfrac{sum(X_i)^2} {nsum(X_i – bar{X})^2}

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