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The album was originally supposed to drop on December 2nd (his 21st birthday) but never did and is still unreleased. 6/10 (47 votes) Platform: Windows Unreleased songs. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie says he. King Von latest new mixtapes for free streaming and download. Login to Dropbox. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe.

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Photo Credit:Liam SheehanUgly God Explains Songs Leaking Off 'Bumps & Bruises' Album

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Ugly God explains why throwaway songs from his upcoming album, 'Bumps & Bruises,' have been leaking online. Ugly Good took to Social Media to gives fan an explanation as to why all of his unreleased music is being leaked online.

King Von Unreleased Dropbox

King Von Unreleased Music

According to the 'Water' rapper, he had his songs stored on DropBox and he accidentally sent the link to a fan who had previously sent him beats that he ended up using.


To the rapper's surprise, over 100 songs which didn't make the album ended up in the wrong hands, and are subsequently being leaked.

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Ugly God has teased the album for quite some time but has yet to give a definitive date on when it will be released, and this leak is probably going to end up prolonging the whole process.

so i put all my songs that didn’t make the album into a folder and put it in a dropbox link that i accidentally emailed to some fan and he’s wants me to pay him or he says he’ll leak them, and i refuse to buy my own s**t from some fan. so if 100+ songs leak, f**k it..

— Ugly God (@UglyGod) June 3, 2019

you think that n***a really finna delete all the songs if i payed him ? i’ll take the L f**k it

— Ugly God (@UglyGod) June 3, 2019

King Von Unreleased Dropbox

just a n***a who got my email from somebody and ended up sending me beats. i used a few of em.

— Ugly God (@UglyGod) June 3, 2019

and here this lame a** n***a goes with the leaks

— Ugly God (@UglyGod) June 4, 2019

Check out the tweets explaining the situation above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. In other related news, Ugly God disses Lil Nas X for biting his style.