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Are you looking for a way to upload bigger size files to your webserver? We’ll this is the right place for you. This article will show you how to upload file to a web hosting server using FileZilla. Just follow the step below to configure FileZilla FTP Client to connect to your web hosting.

Open FileZilla Client and navigate to File - Site Manager to open this window. Fill up field Host, Port, User and password which is found in your Hostinger FTP account. Connect to Web Server. This video shows how to upload files to Hostinger server using FTP(FileZilla). Watch on In this Hostinger Academy tutorial, you’ll learn how to use FileZilla and set up an FTP connection at Hostinger so you can easily manage your web files. While FileZilla is quite easy to learn as you keep using it, it can often get a little bit tricky for beginners.

A two episode tutorial on how to upload data to the server ( and then display it in the app using Android Studio 2.3. Next episode will be out s. While FileZilla is quite easy to understand, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky for beginners. But no worries about that, it only takes three easy steps Read More The post Connect to FTP Server – How to Use FileZilla appeared first on Hostinger Tutorials.

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Hostinger Ftp Filezilla

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Configure FTP Client FileZilla – Steps

  1. Download FTP Client
  2. Collect FTP details from your Web Hosting.
  3. Add site to FileZilla.
  4. Connect to Web Server

Filezilla has a few options that make it quite easy to understand, but this cannot be very clear if you haven’t used FTP clients before. Don’t worry; we can do that using these four simple steps.

1. Download FTP Client FileZilla

First(of course), before we can configure FTP Client FileZilla we need to download FileZilla Client.You can visit this download link.

2. Collect FTP details from your Web Hosting

Second, log in to your web hosting account dashboard. In my case, I am with Hostinger,so this is what my dashboard looks like. This is called Hpanel.

Go ahead and open FTP Accounts. That is the details we need for FileZilla.

3. Add site to FileZilla

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Third, all we need to do is fill up all the necessary inputs that FileZilla needs. Open FileZilla Client and navigate to File -> Site Manager to open this window.

4. Connect to Web Server

Lastly, try to connect to your server by ticking on the “Connect” button and wait for the successful response. This is how it looks like when you have successfully connected with your web server.

Unsuccessful Connection

Sometimes things may not go as expected. If you were unable to connect try resetting your password from your Web hosting dashboard. If still, no success try to contact your web hosting provider.

To Sum it Up!!

Now, you can add, modify, and delete files from your web server using your local machine. This could be a big help especially if you are deploying websites like WordPress. Uploading from your Cpanel File manager has its limitation depending on your Hosting Plan.

This is how easy to upload file to a Web Hosting server using FileZilla on Windows machine. If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share this article.

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