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Grid Maker will also pause when not active for roughly a minute. This is meant to reduce Memory leakage caused by large sprite sheets left idling. When loading the program will not pause so no worries about needing to keep it focused. White Lines on a Color. 1 Color 3 Line Widths. 3 Colors 3 Line Widths.

n/a plugin for generating and applying grids over pictures, customizing their size, enabling alpha and foreground only, and more

Grid Maker is an approachable extension dedicated to users. It facilitates simple options for putting together customizable grids and applying them to loaded images.

It comes bundled with several practical settings that can be easily configured by all types of users, even those less familiarized with this advanced photo editor.

Simple setup with

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There is no actual setup pack implied. Instead, you can download and copy the DLL file to the 'Effects' directory of's installed location on the computer, and launch the tool again if it was already running, in order to finalize integration.

This method is also possible by integrating the add-on into a portable version of Next, you can access Grid Maker from the 'Effects' menu. Its entry can be easily spotted thanks to the small icon that looks like a puzzle piece, which marks all external plugins.

Create and customize grids

Once you've opened a photograph in the main application window, you can resort to this small add-on to generate a grid by specifying its size, either by moving a slider bar, entering the size, or clicking on two arrow buttons to increase or decrease this number.

Moreover, you can select the preferred grid mode (e.g. gridlines), enable alpha and foreground only, swap colors, as well as use the brush width. There are no other notable options implemented. It's necessary to apply modifications to check out results and figure out if you're pleased with the outcome. Otherwise, you can undo changes or remove the last created layer.

Evaluation and conclusion

Grid Maker Online

The add-on was flawlessly integrated with the newest edition of in our evaluation, although it hasn't been updated for a pretty long time. No error dialogs were displayed and it didn't freeze or crash.

Taking into account its advanced, yet intuitive options, Grid Maker can be easily used by those looking to quickly generate grid lines in

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Grid Maker was reviewed by Elena Opris
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