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Hi I'm Dave Geddes


Grid Garden Lattice

Last year I was bored out of my mind at my UI Architect job. One day I realized that despite having more than a decade of frontend experience, I still had to stop and look things up just to code a basic layout. So I decided to master CSS once and for all, but quickly discovered that the existing material and mediums didn't make things stick for me. I was still dependent on a cheat sheet, and felt like I was just guessing. Finally after countless hours of experimentation and deliberate practice things clicked for me - and my frontend dev experience became awesome.

I could effortlessly build any mock I was handed. Quickly prototype any idea I wanted. I actually enjoyed my work again. I decided to set out on my own to help my fellow UI devs experience the same thing. I want to help people achieve mastery — in a way that feels more like playing a game than studying rigorously. Now I build Educational Games full time and have found a lot of joy in helping thousands of people become truly epic at frontend development.

Grid Garden

Mar 10, 2021 In minutes, you can create a garden plan right on your computer. The Garden Planner even has a “Raised Garden Bed” feature. It also has a specific square-foot gardening (SFG) feature, which involves dividing the bed into squares to make the organization of your garden a lot simpler. Square-foot gardening in a raised bed. Website Link:

The Garden is currently closed to the public. We feel sincere gratitude for the continued support of so many.

The Garden, formerly known as Shut Up and Grow It, is an egalitarian, alternative, leaderless (leaderful), community, propagating a culture of sharing, freedom, and cooperation.

It is a place to sprout, bloom, and grow in harmony with nature- where one can take responsibility for their impact on the Earth, and live in a wholesome way, while helping and giving to others.

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The Gardens main purpose is not to be a solitary community but rather to be a part of a network of mutual aid and a hub where traveling people and caravan communities can collaborate at. It is important for us to grow seeds to be spread and sown in other communities.