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Apr 27, 2021 Spotify Free on Google Home For those who don't have a Spotify Premium account, requesting music via Spotify Free will instead bring up a station of songs inspired by the song, album, artist or personal playlist you asked for. You can't ask for anything specific, but you can ask for music based on, say, a genre, mood or activity. © Provided by Daily Mail Freebie: Spotify was offering Google Nest Minis for its premium customers whilst stocks lasted - that appears to have been a day and a half Google Nest Minis are a direct. Google Home Hub: See your life in one view, and get things done hands-free. Google Home Hub helps you make the most of moments at home. Get it at Verizon. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, Spotify is offering you a Google Home Mini for free, now through November 15th, or until supplies run out. Note that it’s not the new Nest Mini. Spotify Premium users are in for a small and smart treat with a free Google Home Mini available for a limited time.

Nest Hub


The Nest Hub is the ultimate digital picture frame. With the Nest Hub, you can see all of your favorite photos from your smartphone that are uploaded automatically from Google photos. Adjust colors and brightness levels to match any room in your home. Along with sorting through photos, you can play videos and songs from YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

The Nest Hub offers hands-free assistance from the Google Assistant. Just ask Google a question and it provides an answer. Make your Nest Hub more customized to fit your personal style. Schedule important dates, appointments, reminders, and alarms to get you started on your day.

Google Nest Mini

After the day is over, simply say, “Hey Google, goodnight.” Program this to automatically set a wake-up alarm in the morning, dim the lighting in your room, and so much more. Designed to fit your style and taste, the Nest Hub comes in a variety of colors from Chalk to Charcoal and Aqua to Sand.

With the Nest Hub, you’re making the traditional photo frame hanging on your wall or photo album taking up space on the coffee table. This all-in-one digital tool allows you to load tons of pictures and compartmentalize them into categories. Just say, “Hey Google, show my pictures from Switzerland” or “Hey Google, show my most recent photos.”

Google Nest Thermostat

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Google nest thermostat

There are no manual updates or memory cards required with the Nest Hub. It’s equipped with built-in speakers and microphones with voice recognition capabilities and convenient hands-free controlling.

Play your favorite songs. Relive your favorite moments. Get answers to all of your questions. There are so many impressive features and functions that everyone should experience for themselves. The Nest Hub helps you to make the most out of your moments right at home.

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