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Connect and Audio Design Desk to seamlessly pull video assets directly from and quickly create sound effects, design, and music for video. Soundstripe Send watermarked songs to your project directly from the Soundstripe platform in just a few clicks. We replace the hodgepodge of Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, and email for communication—but that's just a start. Take a look at how easy i.

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We’re always happy to announce new features in But especially now, with more people working remotely, speed and security are even more important. That’s why we’re excited to introduce v3.6, with new features to power your workflow so you can focus on the work itself.

So let’s dive in.

When it comes to moving files, speed matters. We’ve been hard at work on a new app for both Mac and Windows called Transfer.

We originally slated Transfer to release later this year, but as a response to the profound shift in the way we’re working—and the tools we know you’ll need to make that shift easier—we’re releasing it as a beta now.

Frame Io Download Pc

Transfer lets you download large files and sophisticated folder structures—or even entire projects—with one click. It also gives you a way to monitor your active downloads and to drag and drop to reprioritize their order. You can use EDL or XML to download specific files, which is especially great for accelerating the process of relinking to original camera files for final conforms, color grading, or sharing assets for VFX. And you don’t have to worry about unstable internet connections—if you lose your connection during a download, Transfer pauses and then automatically resumes as soon as you’re reconnected.

Download Transfer today.

Another thing you don’t want to worry about is sharing high-value content securely. It’s why we’re always looking for ways to ensure that you can get the content you need to only those people who should be seeing it. Transfer Download

Login-only access and Inbox

Enterprise users can now protect presentation and review links with Login-only access, which means that no one outside of your account can access your links.

Your recipients will see a list of everything you’ve shared with them in the new Inbox, which gives you a clean and focused view that’s especially useful for busy clients or executives.

Watermark ID

Even more powerful is Watermark ID, which provides the ultimate layer of visible security.

When any viewer presses “Play,” completes a realtime, on-demand transcode of your video with their personal identifying information burned into each frame. How fast is it? A two-hour video starts playing back in less than two seconds.

You can set up text blocks with things like name, date, location, email and IP addresses, and by using the text styling controls you can set the look and add behaviors like scrolling. It’s also simple to save customized templates so that your whole organization can use them.

You’ve been asking, so we’ve finally made sharing not just more secure, but also more flexible, by letting you add folders to Review Links.

Frame Io Download Folder

Now you can easily share and organize your assets across your team or your projects. And once you’ve shared a folder, any changes you make to them in are dynamically updated in your Review link. It’s especially useful for teams who produce episodic content or programming that relies on a library of media.

We’ve also made it easier for you to organize your assets with an improved “Move-to” and “Copy-to” flow. It’s both a faster and a more intuitive way to move assets and folders, and means you spend less time on housekeeping chores.

No internet connection? No problem. We’ve introduced “Offline Mode” for our iOS apps so you really can work from anywhere.

Tap any file to make it available offline, then review and leave comments. As soon as you’re back online, they’ll automatically sync to your project.

We’ve made notifications a lot more manageable in v3.6 by consolidating them in smarter ways. Ten people leaving comments on the same video? Now you’ll see them grouped together as one notification.

You can filter by “Read” or “Unread,” see comment previews, and scrub asset thumbnails so you can easily spot what you need to review or address. It’s a big timesaver for users who are working on multiple projects or who receive lots of feedback from large teams.

Another huge timesaver is the update for our After Effects integration.

Seamlessly render and upload compositions in the background while you continue working on your project, uninterrupted. The time you used to spend waiting for renders to complete is now yours to keep being productive and creative.

With this update, you’ll now be able to see all the presentations you’ve shared and to access their settings from one organized list. You’ll also have a display that shows folder sizes so you can see, at a glance, what your heaviest projects are—which makes it easier to optimize your projects and your storage.

These are just some of the highlights of v3.6, and we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the full list of features and updates. As always, feel free to hit us up with your questions, comments, or suggestions so we can keep making even better for you.

If you want a live demo of all the new features in v3.6 with Transfer, be sure to join our “What’s New” Webinar on Thursday May 7th at 9:30AM PST.

What is Transfer?

Download Transfer here for Mac and PC
The Transfer app is the easiest and most efficient way to upload and download bulk content, large folder structures, and entire projects, with the same speed and reliability that you have come to expect from Upload your files and folder structures directly from your desktop into your projects; download the original files, or choose multiple proxies.
Active downloads and uploads can be monitored within the app’s transfer queue, where you can also reprioritize items with a simple drag and drop. You can also cancel in-progress transfers or clear previous completed transfers. You can even use industry-standard exchange lists like an EDL, FCPXML, or FCP7XML to download specific files used in your edit.
Users will be prompted to download with Transfer when downloading two or more files, an entire folder, or a single file >2GB. The Transfer app is currently available for download on both Mac and PC and accessible to users across all account permission levels.


Q: If I have the Transfer app already installed, do the same steps apply in the web app?
A: If you already have Transfer installed on your device, you can still initiate downloads to Transfer from the web app. Just follow the prompts described above.
Q: Who can use Transfer?
A: All users can use Transfer to download assets, but only Team Members and Collaborators can use Transfer to upload assets. For downloading, Team Members and Collaborators will have access to do this within the Teams/Projects they’ve been invited to. Reviewers and Presentation recipients will have access to do this within their share link they’ve been sent, as long as downloading is enabled.
Q: Do I require a log-in credential to use Transfer?
A: No! The Transfer app can be accessed via share links by un-authenticated users. In the same way, un-authenticated users can leave feedback on Review Links. If Transfer is already installed, downloading through the Review or Presentation link (if enabled) will sync via Transfer automatically.


Frame Io Download Video

Q: Will Transfer allow me to keep multiple downloads going over a long period of time? I don’t want to restart the process with my larger files.
A: As of the 1.1.0 update, Transfer will be stable for downloads that last over 24 hours, so there should fewer interruptions for longer file transfers. In fact, the app can now process 2x as many simultaneous downloads to increase bandwidth saturation on high-speed networks for even faster delivery of those large batches from

Frame Io Download

Q: How is privacy handled within Transfer?
A: Privacy restrictions set on any asset or folder level will still apply.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to run Transfer?
A: On Macs, the minimum supported version is macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later. On PC, Windows 7 and later are supported. Older operating systems are not supported.

Frame Io Transfer App Download

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