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If you talk about linux, then it might depend on the version of the compiler (every distro has a different version of gcc), the versions of every single library needed for compiling, etc It’s very difficult to get the very same binaries on two different computers, try with other open source software. Honestly I didn’t know that. EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL. 5-Digit ZIP Code. (Required): Route Number (Required): Delivery Type: Date: Total # of Mailpieces per Bundle. Gather your mailing bundle(s) with the proper facing slips. Include a completed Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail ® form PS Form 3587 PDF (19 KB). Note: Be sure to fill in the carrier route information on the back. Take the mailing to the Post Office for your selected ZIP Code. Shipping Your Mailing to. Sheet 1 of 1 EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL RETAIL® 5-Digit ZIP Code Route Number # of Mailpieces 5-Digit ZIP Code Route Number # of Mailpieces PS Form 3587, July 2014 (Page 2 of 2) PSN 7530-13-000-6929 This form and mailing standards available on Postal Explorer at pe.usps.com. The last page is the Every Door Direct Mail Retail Facing Slip (click the link to view a properly filled out form). This one is important. Put the date you are dropping the mail pieces off at the post office in the Date field. Put either 50 or 100 for the Total # of Mail pieces per Bundle.

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Every Door Direct Mail, abbreviated to EDDM, is a program by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) that markets businesses to every door of the neighborhood without using a mailing list. Using this program, businesses can easily reach their target customers in a specific area without going over their budget as the service comes at a reduced postal rate. The program distributes printed ad material to every home along the selected routes, and although there are EDDM postcard size requirements, businesses can experience many benefits of using Every Door Direct Mail routes. How does EDDM work and what are its features? Here’s what you need to know about this effective direct mail marketing strategy.

How Does EDDM Work?

Every Door Direct Mail works by allowing businesses to focus on their print marketing and content while the postal service handles distribution. Instead of spending time researching every address or prospect, you can save time and money to focus on your marketing campaign, customer service, and sales. The USPS provides businesses with competitive rates for Every Door Direct Mail printing, so the return on investment (ROI) is good. Small to medium-sized businesses in the area can reach customers in specific areas related to their business by using the mail delivery route information supplied through this program instead of specific addresses printed on each EDDM postcard to distribute. Companies like auto repair shops, carpet cleaners, landscapers, chiropractors, salons, and spas benefit from Every Door Direct Mail advertising.

How to do every door direct mail

Features of Every Door Direct Mail

The following list briefly explains some of the features of EDDM. Here are some ways this program works to build your business and gain you leads:

  • Target customers: You can saturate neighborhoods with your ads, and your mailing goes straight into the hands of prospects.
  • Get more bang for your buck: Through EDDM you can include coupons, event calendars, menus, store maps, and more in order to bring customers to your door.
  • Flexibility: EDDM offers a range of sizes, which makes it ideal for any types of content, from a short sales announcement to a detailed product story.
  • Options: You can choose from a variety of formats such as calendars, maps, or other promotional materials.

5 Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail

Local Area Marketing

For EDDM, there is no mailing list required, which saves money. Often, businesses would have to purchase a mailing list with addresses and contact information to neighborhood homes. However, EDDM operates by the mail carrier who takes the message to every household along a specific route without the need for their individual addresses. You can focus on getting your ad out to the entire community and into the hands of consumers more efficiently. Simply identify the carrier routes, control the dropping date, and the postal service will do the delivery.

No Postal Limits

Mailings within a specific quantity (typically 200–5,000) will not require additional purchasing of a postal permit. The postal service will give a certain EDDM permit that clients can add to their mailer pieces. This permit makes sure that the postcards are not mailed together along with the mass mailings and produces huge savings in time and cost for businesses.

Discount Offers

Usps every door direct mail facing slip

Direct mail marketing such as EDDM has the ability to give discounts directly to customers. This helps retain customers and bring in customers who have not purchased in a while. Shoe stores and skincare product lines often use this method—the coupons provide incentives for customers to visit your store again to redeem their code, and it encourages them to purchase items they might not otherwise considered they need. You can make this need rise in them as you explain the product’s benefits and appeal in your EDDM ad.



EDDM is one of the most cost-effective methods to advertise for small businesses. Today’s software allows companies to design their own colorful, eye-catching brochure or postcard and have it printed at an affordable price. Then, companies can send out batches at low postage rates to track how successful the campaign is and make adjustments to the quantity as necessary. Also, by staying local, businesses can cut down further on costs as they no longer have to send mail to long distances.

Easy to Target/Set Up

One of the best benefits of EDDM is that is can be highly targeted. Since these campaigns are geographically focused and are backed by a purchasing history of customers, it can be directed to customers who are most likely to act on the marketing. Additionally, it only takes a few steps to put together. Simply print your postcards or brochures, band them into bundles with a facing slip, and deliver them to the postal service with your payment. The USPS will handle the rest.

Contact Macromark Inc. for Every Door Direct Mail Printing

Every Door Direct Mail Retail Facing Slip

If you’re looking for guidance as you move forward into your Every Day Direct Mail campaign, there are companies that can help you create and print your postcards and brochures. Macromark has over 30 years of experience in direct mail marketing and can find effective solutions to grow your business. Our experts have informed many clients of the benefits of direct mail marketing. Whether you’re looking to target consumers or businesses through your direct mail marketing campaign, subscription box service, or EDDM, Macromark can provide everything you need and more. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845) 230-6300. We are dedicated to educating and supporting our clients’ decisions through the process of gaining leads for their businesses.

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