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  • Civilization 6 is now free to download on PC from the Epic Games Store.
  • Civilization 6 follows Grand Theft Auto 5 as the latest game being offered free of charge by the digital store, and normally retails for $59.99.
  • The Civilization games have been around for nearly three decades, with Civ 6 launching in 2016.
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  • Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI. Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.
  • So I bought Civ 6 a few months ago for PS4, including the R&F and GS DLC's and I'm going to buy the Frontier Pass soon. Since I like this game so much I decided to get the game on my laptop because it's free at the moment via Epic Games. Now I'm wondering if I can use the Steam Workshop in connection with the Epic Games launcher.
  • Continue your quest to build your greatest empire with the Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass, featuring eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, and a variety of new gameplay content, including six new game modes. Civilization VI is required to play add-on content and some features of the New Frontier Pass require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansion to work.
  • Game is closed, Epic launcher says its still running, cant open the game anymore Idk, what to do, task manager doesnt have anything related with civ files running, Epic launcher says the game is running and doesn't start.

When the Epic Games Store made Grand Theft Auto 5 the free game of the week, it seemed like the program might have hit its peak. Despite having originally launched more than half a decade ago, GTA5 is still one of the best-selling and most popular online games on the planet, and even though tens of millions of people already own it, the influx of traffic when the offer went live last Thursday was enough to cause the entire store to crash.

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Topping Grand Theft Auto 5 was never going to be easy, but this Thursday, the Epic Games Store came surprisingly close when it made Civilization 6, the latest entry in the beloved strategy franchise, free to download. Civilization may not have the same cultural footprint as GTA, but this 2016 game still retails for $59.99 on most digital storefronts. It’s not often that we see full-priced games being given away free of charge with no strings attached.

In order to snag a free copy of Civilization 6, you will need an Epic Games Store account. Once you sign up, you also need to enable two-factor authentication in order to claim free games, which is a rule that the company made on April 28th. Basically, if you want free games, you need to secure your data. In order to do that, head to your account, click on the Password & Security tab, and choose the 2FA option you prefer.

If you’ve never played a Civilization game before, they can be daunting at first, but are generally some of the most approachable strategy games on the market. As the name suggests, you choose a civilization to guide through eras, explore the map, expand your influence, and ward off any antagonistic civilizations that threaten you while engaging in diplomacy with those that don’t. Civilization 6 debuted on PC and Mac in October of 2016, but has since made its way to iOS in 2017, Switch in 2018, and finally PS4 and Xbox One at the end of 2019.

As with all of the Epic Games Store giveaways, Civilization 6 will only be free for a week, so if you want to get a copy of the game, you will need to do so before May 28th at 11 AM ET, at which point another title will take its place. If this recent leak is to be believed, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is up next, with ARK: Survival Evolved set to follow on June 4th. Not a bad four-week stretch for fans of quality freebies.

The Epic Games Store is firing on all cylinders. The storefront's Epic Mega Sale is ongoing, offering huge discounts as well as a reusable $10 coupon for games $14.99 and up. And if that wasn't enough, Epic just partnered with Rockstar to give away Grand Theft Auto 5 for free. While the GTA 5 giveaway may be over, there's a lot more to come. That's something that can be said with confidence, because the new free Epic Games Store game confirms an earlier leak revealing several upcoming free games.

The latest free game on the Epic Games Store is going to be an even bigger deal than GTA 5 for sim fans. The free game is Civilization 6, which will remain available from now through May 28 at 8:00 am. More importantly, though, Civilization 6 was the first game listed on a supposed leak of upcoming free Epic Games Store games. Civilization 6 now being confirmed adds credence to the leak.

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According to the EGS free games leak, there are two more confirmed free games coming to the Epic Games Store. Following Civilization 6, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will be available starting on May 28. The Handsome Collection bundles together Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Following that, Ark: Survival Evolved will become free starting June 4. No further games were leaked.

rumored free EGS titles during the Mega Sale: https://t.co/jbXGQwU7Kf
• Civilization VI (May 21)
• Borderlands The Handsome Collection (May 28)
• Ark: Survival Evolved (June 4) pic.twitter.com/T7q3oCxBDi

— Wario64 (@Wario64) May 15, 2020Games

The leak in question comes via an anonymous post on Reddit. While a context for the leak isn't given, it looks like it's an internal message, a PR message, or something similar. The post listed all of the games that would be featured as part of the Epic Mega Sale, which lasts for four weeks. Free games will almost certainly continue after the sale, but that's where the leak's information ends.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of trend regarding the games being released for free on the Epic Games Store. EGS must have just gotten the biggest games that it could get, which, at least for the first three games, it accomplished very well. GTA 5, Civilization 6, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection are all awesome pick-ups.

Civilization 6's release on the Epic Games Store coincides with the launch of the Civ 6's Frontier Pass. The Frontier Pass features 6 DLC packs, which will be released bimonthly. Each pack adds a mix of new civilizations, leaders, game modes, city-states, resources, natural wonders, districts, buildings, maps, and great people. The first DLC includes both the Maya and Gran Columbia civilizations. There's no better time to get into Civilization 6 than now.

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale lasts through June 11.

Epic Games Civil

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Epic Games Civ

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