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Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the only software for managing duplicate and similar photos on Windows, Mac, and mobile phones you'll ever need. It's different from other duplicate photo finders because it compares photos just like a human would and detects similarities the smart way. Photos Duplicate Cleaner creates groups of duplicate photos so that it is easy to find out the number of occurrences of similar photos and clean selected duplicates. All copies of a photo are deleted except the original one. This can save you invaluable disk space not just on your Mac but even on any external storage device.

Taking pictures is a common habit for people daily since it is no longer the privilege for camera owners as the smartphone is everywhere. However, it is a problem that confuses people when there are hundreds or thousands of pictures, especially duplicates photos on a computer. If you’re looking for a duplicate photo cleaner, take a look at the 10 top duplicate photo cleaners for PC and iBeesoft Duplicate Finder is one of them. You can download it right now

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Duplicate photo cleaner is a great software tool to remove duplicate photos on your computer, manage photos, and free up computer space. If you have many duplicate photos on your computer, pick up one of the suitable software below to clean up the duplicates.

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Part 1. Recommended Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Full Version
Part 2. Guide to Use Best App to Remove Duplicate Photos in Windows 10/7
Part 3. Other 9 Duplicate Photo Finder for Computer

Part 1. Recommended Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Full Version

The best duplicate photo cleaner full for your service is the iBeesoft File Finder. It helps you in identifying all the duplicates present on your system with ease. You can identify with file types, locate redundant files, and remove duplicates intelligently. Removing unwanted files helps you to keep originals and free up space. The main features are:

Your Effective and Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

  • It can filter and edit the file type and size to speed up the scanning time.
  • The duplicate photo finder for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 can identify large files and free up drive space efficiently.
  • Intelligently remove duplicate pictures from desktop, notebook, memory card, external hard drive, CF card, and more with a single click.
Free Download

Part 2. Guide to Use Best App to Remove Duplicate Photos in Windows 10/7

The best duplicate photo cleaner, iBeesoft File Finder, uses the latest technologies and algorithms to identify duplicate files with a 100% accuracy rate. You can download the duplicate photo cleaner and install it using the on-screen instructions to have a try now!!!. Follow the steps below to locate and clean duplicate files.

Step 1: Start the photos duplicate cleaner by clicking the icon from the desktop. The main window shows the + sign. You can click it and choose the folder to identify the duplicates or drag and drop a folder. You can filter types, scan for hidden files, and select the file size limit.

Step 2: The software will complete the scan and display the number of duplicate files. It will arrange them according to the file types. You can select the 'Photos' category to see the number of records and the total space occupied by the duplicate files.

Step 3: Start selecting the files using the tick boxes. After completing the markings, you can press the 'Remove' button to erase the duplicates from your computer. You will see a pop-up message stating the action is complete, and the duplicates are in the recycle bin.

Part 3. Other 9 Duplicate Photo Finder for Computer

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

It is an incredible software and scans thousands of images with ease. It helps in identifying duplicates and removing them in a few seconds. It is a basic duplicate photo cleaner portable software for beginners to detect edited pictures, resized images with similarity percentage. During the scan, users can exclude or include a file format.


  • Lists the duplicate files in a list for convenient viewing
  • Sends the deleted pictures to recycle bin so that you can restore if the need arises
  • Supports different file formats


  • Does not have automatic deletion feature
  • Has fewer features
  • Developers fail to update the software frequently

Easy Duplicate Finder

Find and delete duplicate files with ease. It has a unique 'undo' feature to recover deleted pictures. More than a duplicate photo cleaner, it supports other types of files as well. It offers you the option to preview before deleting the duplicate files. It is a one-of-a-kind feature that makes it an exciting program.


  • See the amount of space occupied by duplicate files
  • You can rename, move, and export duplicates


  • Scanning results may not be accurate
  • Operates slow
  • It shows fake duplicates at times


The photos duplicate cleaner operates at a faster rate than other tools on a computer at present. It uses five comparison filters to identify the original image against duplicates. The photo cleaner comes with the simplest interface, but powerful modes, covering basic, loose, and strict mode to alter the accuracy. It saves your time to clean up duplicate photos by select duplicate files by default.


  • Greater control in deleting photos than other tools
  • Supports even RAW image file format


  • No updates
  • It consumes plenty of time to scan folders
  • Operates slowly due to increased filter operations

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Pro Download

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

If you are willing to spend money, then the Duplicate Cleaner Pro is the best app to remove duplicate files. Apart from all the features the above-mentioned software contains, it’s able to identify duplicate files saved in a zip file, detect resized, edited, and rotated images, and other types of filters to find the duplicate files.


Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Software

  • It has the most flexible interface than others
  • Delivers accurate scan results. Installs on all operating systems and is easy to use


  • You cannot pause the scan
  • You will experience some glitches during operation
  • You must mention file size in kilobytes

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

This duplicate photo cleaner if famous for its unique features, including the burst mode to recognize multiple captured pictures, scan images received from WhatsApp and other messaging apps, and De-Dupe algorithm to scan an entire hard drive. It’s one of the most powerful duplicate photo cleaner.


  • Scans for HDR and resized pictures and saves the best shot automatically
  • You can see the image preview before deleting


  • The scanning process is slow
  • Demo version allows you to delete only 15 pictures

WebMinds Duplicate Photo Cleaner

It is another duplicate identifier of pictures. It is able to identify duplicate images based on names and content. Besides, it can find duplicate files from Adobe Lightroom, comparing folders to combine and manage contents. This duplicate photo cleaner is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, covering Windows 10 and Windows 7.


  • Intuitive user-interface for quick scan and removal of duplicate files
  • Scans pictures swiftly


  • The duplicate photo cleaner will fails to detect duplicate images at times
  • Improper customer support

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder


Two versions of Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder are available, free and full version. It is able to detect duplicate photos with image pixels, date, time, identify duplicates even after cropped, edited or rotated. It displays scanning result in file and image viewing, letting you recognize pictures taken with different settings.


  • Scans the picture library at a faster rate
  • Picture comparison is easy


  • Finding duplicate pictures is slow
  • No regular software updates


This duplicate photo cleaner runs very quickly to scanning for duplicate images. It is developed with the most advanced identifying algorithm, making it very easy to find duplicate photos. Before deleting duplicate photos, you can preview the duplicates before deletion. More than photos, it supports multiple file formats and you can set up the preferences as to scan what types of files preferentially.


  • You can restore the deleted images if you like using the rescue center option
  • You can take complete control over the settings and choose what to scan and delete


  • The fast scanning procedure misses on several duplicate files
  • The user interface is not friendly, and beginners will find it complicated


It’s a portable duplicate photo finder, no installation is needed. For sure, it is able to find duplicate copies with filters. It has a massive collection of choices to identify duplicate files. You can even filter records based on color-coding. However, it can only find duplicate photos, but can not delete these found duplicates.


  • The plethora of search options help you locate image duplicates with ease
  • It searches for duplicates swiftly from different corners of your hard drive
  • The interface is user-friendly, and beginners can use it with ease


  • The software shows the scan results in a new window
  • There are no software updates
  • Fails to display all the duplicate files at times
  • Several options make it tedious to choose the right choice for a scan

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Find and delete duplicate photos

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is ideal for managing your photo library because it can find both duplicate and similar photos. Unlike most duplicate photo finders that can only compare images by name and file size, Duplicate Photo Cleaner can find similar photos by content and compare images based on their similarity. You can customize the similarity threshold to fit your needs.

Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner for free and see how easy it is to manage your entire photo library. You can use Duplicate Photo Cleaner on a Windows PC or on a Mac. Simply download the installer for your operating system and install the program to check out all its features and see how many duplicate photos you have on your computer.

Compare photos with ease

Finding duplicate photos with Duplicate Photo Cleaner is really easy. All you need to do is drag and drop folders with photos you want to compare to the scan area and start the scan. Duplicate Photo Cleaner will analyze your images and show you duplicates and similar photos. You can then decide which photos to keep and which to delete.

Learn more about Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a feature-rich program that has a lot to offer. It has a powerful image comparison engine, a handy photo preview feature, highly customizable settings, and more. You can use Duplicate Photo Cleaner to compare all sorts of image formats including RAW, JPEG, J2K, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA and many more. To learn more about Duplicate Photo Cleaner and all its features, visit its dedicated website where you can read about the program, access a comprehensive support area, and download Duplicate Photo Cleaner user manual.

Compare photos without any limits!

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Pro Free

Duplicate Photo Cleaner will help you keep your photo collection in top shape. Purchase the program to life the limits of the trial version and leverage all Duplicate Photo Cleaner functionality. The upgrade will take less than five minutes and you’ll have everything you need to clean up and organize your albums.

Who is Duplicate Photo Cleaner for?

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a must-have tool for photography enthusiasts. It’s especially useful for:

  • Professional photographers: as a photographer, you can quickly group sort through your RAW images, select the best shots and delete the rest.
  • Webmasters: webmasters who have folders full of photos and graphics can use Duplicate Photo Cleaner to organize their work and recover valuable disk space.
  • Home users: people who have a lot of photos can rely on Duplicate Photo Cleaner to help them remove unneeded photos, wallpapers and graphics from their PCs or Macs.

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

We understand that using new software can sometimes be a bit tricky, even if the software is really intuitive. That’s why we recommend that you check out the following support information before you start managing your photos with Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

Similar Photo Cleaner

  • And if you run into any problems, feel free to get in touch and submit a support ticket.