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Where To Find Your Referral Link To find your link, on the web, go here or, in the Dropbox app, tap “Account” in the bottom right, then the gear icon in the top left, then “Tell Friends About Dropbox”. Share it on ReferCodes once you’ve found it. Help Center: Referral Rewards. To earn credits, send your unique referral link to friends via email, phone, or social media. When a friend uses that link to join Drop, they’ll get a $10 credit that will automatically be applied toward their first purchase of $50 or more. The credit will show up on the checkout page of the qualifying purchase. To link to a fragment on another page you would simply append the fragment name to the address, for example. bonus 500 MB using referral link. At Dropbox, we encourage, support, and celebrate independent open security research. One way we do this is via our bug bounty program. We recently tripled our rewards to industry leading values. We also celebrated some of the amazing hacker community results with top-up bonuses, where we retroactively issued additional rewards for particularly.

Learn how to create links on your web page. Links allow you to jump from one page to another by clicking on the link text. You can also jump to places on the same page (called fragments), to different sections of your site, or to another web site alltogether.

Basic Link - <a href='url'>link text</a>
There are two main parts to a link tag: the text a user can click, and the web address they go to if they click it. The bit between the <a> and </a> tags is the link text, and is generally displayed in blue and underlined by web browsers. The href='url' part is the web address, where url can be set in several ways:
href='example.html' - another page in the current directory
href='example/page.html' - a relative location
href='http://www.example.com/page.html' - a full address (URL).
Link to a Fragment - <a href='#fragment'>link</a>
It is often usefull to link to other places on the same webpage, such as other sections or chapters further down the page. The technical term for this is linking to a Fragment, where browsers will automatically try and scroll to that part of the page.
Fragments first need to be defined somewhere in a webpage by giving them a name, for example <a name='fragment_name'>, then links to this fragment are created by using the hash (#) character: <a href='#fragment_name'>Link</a>. To link to a fragment on another page you would simply append the fragment name to the address, for example: href='example.html#fragment_name'.
Target Window - <a href='url' target='???'>link</a>
You may not always want to link to a page and have it load up over the one you are currently viewing. Thats where the target attribute comes in handy. By setting the target='_BLANK' the page you link to will load up in a new window (or new tab in some newer browsers). Similary, '_self', '_parent', or '_top' will open the link in the current window, the parent window (used with frames) or the top level window, respectively.
Image as a Link - <a href='url'><img ...></a>
By placing an image tag between the <a> and </a> tags, you can turn an image into a link, and clicking on that image will then load the referenced page. You may notice that the image gets a blue border just as link text became underlined. This can be resolved by setting the border='0' attribute of the image, or using css.
Email Link - <a href='mailto:email'></a>
A special kind of link, the mailto notation link instructs the browser to compose and email to the specified address using the default email program. It but does not actually send any emails automatically. You can also set a subject for the email by using <a href='mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Linking'>email me</a>. You may notice that I have used this type of link over on the contact me page.


List of dropbox links

See the linking example, and select 'view source' in your browser to see the html code.

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Dropbox recently upgraded to 10 GB of free storage space. While everybody gets 2 GB freebie, you can earn the remaining 8 GB through referrals.

Dropbox Referral Hack

Of course, I wanted this extra space for free, but I didn’t want to put too much effort into signing people up. And I’ve spammed my friends to death already asking for them to signup (can’t spare a whole minute for something they’d love if they tried anyway. what friends. =p)


Recently, another friend of mine with the same problem tipped me off to this great idea: pay people to install dropbox, an awesome tool, and you both get some extra free space for the referral*. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Retrieve your personal referral link from Dropbox. For instance, mine is http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTI0ODQ4Mjk
  2. Create an account or login as a MTurk Requester.
  3. On the Design menu, select “Start with this Template” next to “Blank Template”.
  4. Set the template properties, such as title, price per assignment (person who completes the referral), etc. You can see the properties I used in the first photo below.
  5. Set the template design. You can see what the design looks like in the second image below, and I’ve also included the HTML you’ll need at the end of the post.
    1. Set the frame height to around 525 pixels, to let workers complete the task more efficiently (reduce scrolling).
    2. Click “Edit HTML Source” and delete all the current text.
    3. Paste the HTML from below into the HTML source.
    4. Update the referral link in the Template to the referral link you retrieved in Step 1 above.
    5. Save the template and finish.
  6. On the publish menu, Then add funds, i.e. buy credits in the exact amount you need. Go ahead and publish it. (Note that you set the number of referrals you need in the design phase. It’s the “number of assignments per HIT” field in the Design menu, as shown below (I needed 20 referrals).
  7. Watch as the referrals roll in and your free space jumps!
  8. Compare the emails listed as completed referral in Dropbox to the first 6 characters provided by the workers (you can see the form results by clicking “Results from the Manage tab in MTurk Requester. Accept those that completed the referral (installed and logged in, not just joined, as indicated by Dropbox). Decline those that didn’t finish the task as specified in the HIT. For those that show up in MTurk but not in Dropbox, double check with the names that Dropbox emails you to see if the names match any emails the workers provided. I found that many people did the task but failed to submit the HIT, and unfortunately, I was unable to pay them. However, I tried to compensate by paying those people that I could neither accept nor reject (the email they gave didn’t match any name or email for which Dropbox registered a referral. Just take the hit and pay a few extra people, rather than not paying people for work they did.
  9. Sit back and enjoy your super-sized Dropbox!

For what it’s worth, I received 20 referrals for $13.20 ($.60 for each of the 20 referrals plus 10% Amazon commission) to top off my free space in Dropbox, which is just beautiful. Storage, plus sync, plus sharing, for a low one-time fee of $13.

* Disclaimer: I can’t be sure this isn’t against the MTurk posting terms. In fact, it might be.