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Dropbox is a cloud-storage service. Similar to Google Drive and SkyDrive, Dropbox lets you access and sync files across all your devices. While Dropbox only offers 2GB of initial free storage — Google Drive offers 5GB, SkyDrive offers 7GB — it expands free storage for completing a few simple tasks, offering up to 16GB free for friend referrals (500 MB per friend). Dropbox offers native support for Linux and Blackberry, as well as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. And if you want to really supercharge your Dropbox, there are many third-party apps and services available to enhance its functionality.

Play music from Dropbox on your iPhone when you are offline. Free iOS app Jukebox scans your Dropbox files and downloads audio tracks for your offline listening pleasure. Jun 04, 2020 How to Share Photos and Music With Dropbox. The Dropbox service is a web-based file hosting service that is owned and operated by 'Dropbox, Inc.' Dropbox uses cloud storage in order to enable users to store and share files and folders with. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We just send links to our clients, and they immediately get what they need. Security is a priority for our IT team since we handle highly confidential data, and Dropbox Business has proven to meet our requirements. Ai Ando, Account Supervisor Dentsu. View more customer stories.

Here is a list of third-party for Dropbox. There are applications to organize and send files, write forms and documents, create websites and more. Nearly all of these applications are free.

25 Apps for Dropbox

Dropbox Automator. Drag and drop files into a predefined folder on Dropbox, and automatically convert and sync to your favorite places: Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, and other web services.

Mover. Move files and data automatically between online services: from Dropbox to Box to Google Drive to SkyDrive. Create schedules to handle transfers, and timestamp your transfers to keep historical data. Back up your website or files, all while reducing user anxiety about how and where data is being transferred.


Dropbox Folder Sync. Dropbox Folder Sync is a simple app for Dropbox that allows you to seamlessly sync folders outside the Dropbox folder.

Scriptogr.am. Scriptogr.am is a tool for generating weblogs by reading Markdown files stored in a Dropbox folder. Writers can write with their preferred editor app, then publish from the Scriptogr.am dashboard or from the writing environment.


MacDropAny. MacDropAny is a simple way to sync any folder on your Mac with Dropbox, Box.com, Google Drive, iClouDrive, or Microsoft SkyDrive.

DROPitTOme. Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox. Set up a unique upload address with password protection. Receive email notification when a new file is uploaded. When you don’t want to receive any files, simply turn off the upload feature.

Site44. Site44 turns Dropbox folders into websites. Start a site and Site44 creates a folder for the website in your Dropbox. Modify the folder’s contents, and your changes are immediately live.

JotForm. JotForm is a free form builder. With a free account, you can use JotForm for up to 100 submissions per month. Quickly and easily upload JotForm forms to Dropbox.

Dropboxifier. Dropboxifier helps you share saved application data between computers by simplifying the process of adding folders to Dropbox and creating symbolic links.

DropVox. DropVox is an iPhone and iPad app that records audio and sends it directly to your Dropbox account. Use DropVox to capture your spoken ideas, reminders, and more. Price: $1.99.


DropboxPortibleAHK. DropboxPortableAHK makes Dropbox fully portable. You no longer have to install it on every computer, just copy the entire directory and start the application. Select which folders should be synchronized. Maintain multiple accounts on the same computer.

DropLink. DropLink is simple software that allows you to sync any file or folder on your Mac with Dropbox.

Gimme Bar. Gimme Bar stores items in your personal library in the cloud. Organize your content as a collection to tell a narrative. Make your collections public and share with your peers or clients.

IFTTT. If This Then That is a service that lets you create connections, and set triggers and actions. For example, autosave all new Instagram photos to Dropbox.

BoxCryptor. BoxCryptor secures your data in the cloud, if you use Dropbox, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage provider.

KISSr. KISSr is a web-hosting service that is synchronized with your Dropbox. With KISSr, manage your entire website from a folder in your Dropbox. KISSr will only have access to one folder in your Dropbox. Domains that end in KISSr.co are free.


Otixo. Manage all your clouds from one login with Otixo. Connect services like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Docs, SugarSync, Picasa, CX, Amazon S3, FTP sites and WebDAV drives, all from one simple app. Price: $4.99/month.

sideCLOUDload. Send files from a URL directly to Dropbox without downloading to your computer or mobile device. There is a 25MB limit.

Send to Dropbox. Email files right to your Dropbox. Connect with Dropbox, get your unique email address, and start sending files. Your attachments will automatically appear in your folder.

SortMyBox. SortMyBox is an automatic sorting folder inside your cloud storage folder. Save new files, and they are sorted according to rules you create. It’s like an email filer for your Dropbox.

Writebox. Writebox is a simple text editor for Dropbox. Write and share writing on your computers and devices. Your text is automatically saved locally with every key type.

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AirDropper. AirDropper is a file-sharing solution that automatically delivers files. When you exchange files through AirDropper, the recipient sees your logo and branding. File transfers are grouped into packages for easy reference and retrieval. Price: $9 per month.


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Dropboxifier. Dropboxifier fools applications into reading and writing directly to Dropbox. You can do this on multiple computers, all reading and writing to the same data.


Dropbox Encore. Dropbox Encore enables a second instance of Dropbox to run in a single user account. Useful if you need to keep accounts separate, such as work and home.

Dropbox Music Links

URL Droplet. URL Droplet transfers files from their host directly to your Dropbox. Upload target links and easily save web-based downloads.