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Hi, We develop upload files to dropbox, we only know each user uernaem and password, using username and password directly can upload files to their own dropbox or need access token? Each user they provide their username and password only, using this how can get access token or app key and secre. If you call /metadata/link with the user’s access token, the returned metadata will tell you whether the shared link points to a file or folder in that user’s Dropbox via the indropbox field. If indropbox is true, the path field will tell you the exact path to the file within the user’s Dropbox. With that path, your app can use the rest. A version control system built using Python and DropBox API. Togepi can be used both on command line as well as through a GUI window, however we do suggest using the CLI to access all of Togepi's features, due to certain implementation based restrictions in the GUI.

We’ve got some great (and obvious) news, which is that we’ve just launched a new version of the Dropbox Developer website! If you’ve been to the website before, you’ll notice that it’s now substantially different, and not just with looks. Here’s a quick summary of the major changes:


Developer App Keys

As part of the new site, you no longer need to apply to get access to an App Key for testing purposes. As of right now, you can go to the My Apps section and create an App with Developer status.

Approval Process for Production Status

In order for your App Key to work with all users and have a higher limit for API calls, it needs to be approved for Production status. To apply for Production status, click the “Get Production Key” link on the options page for your app. At this time, only mobile apps that run natively on the device are being approved. Also, given the security concern associated with allowing you to access user files we need some proof that you’re going to behave well. This could be a history of mobile app development, an email address showing you’re part of a reputable company, or a phone call where you come across as an especially competent and trusting person.

New Documentation

We’ve redone the Quick Start section based on your feedback, and we’ll continue to roll out improvements to the documentation over the next few days. If you have any thoughts or questions on this, let us know on the Support Section.

This post is all about how to upload files to Dropbox using Dropbox-API in Python. Dropbox is a cloud storage service. It is free and a basic Dropbox account has 2GB of storage space. Check out the dropbox documentation here.

To those of you wondering where this API can be used, consider the following example: Suppose you want to make a Surveillance Application. And, you want to upload the pictures captured to the cloud in real-time.
For uploading these files, we can use the Dropbox-API in Python. We are using Python because it already has a built-in library for Dropbox.

Get dropbox api key

Setting up Dropbox account:

Dropbox Api Key

Firstly, we need to create a Dropbox account here.

Click on ‘Create apps’ and create your account.

After your account is created successfully, you’ll need to provide the specifications of your app, like the type of dropbox you require, the app name, etc.

Then click on ‘Create App’.

Dropbox Developer Console

Now you’ll be redirected to a page with your Application Key, access token, etc.

Finally, copy your access token and we’re all set to write our code.

Dropbox api key

Installing Dropbox library for Python:

Python provides a built-in library for dropbox. We will now see how to install this library. Type the following command into the command line. And, that’s it!

Writing the Python code: Upload file using Dropbox API

First, we import the dropbox library.

Next, we initialize different parameters. They include the Dropbox access token, which you got after creating your account. Then, the dropbox path, which is the path where you want to save your file. Lastly, the computer path, which is the path on your computer where the file is saved.

After this, we need to link the our dropbox account to the application. Hence, we create a client object.

Finally, we can upload the file from the computer path to the dropbox path. We first open the file in “rb” mode and read its contents. Then we upload these contents to the dropbox using the files_upload() method.


And We’re Done!


We can finally open the dropbox app now to check if the file is in fact uploaded.
Dropbox api key get

You can use the Dropbox API with many OpenCV programs to upload the frames captured to the cloud. To do this, you just need to include the above code to the loop which captures each frame. You can choose to only upload certain frames by adding an if condition before the above code is added to the program.

Check out OpenCV programs to apply this cool Dropbox addition to it:

  1. Hello,I tried this code but its not working for me. Its very confusing that what is the access token and also dropbox path is confusing me . So please can you help me with this?
    I will send you my program. can u explain that what is access token and how i put in my program?

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