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Login to Dropbox. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe. Dropbox Basic can hold 2GB of files for an indefinite period, although it has limited features. Dropbox Professional, you will have access to 3TB for $16.58 per month, when paid yearly.

The size of a shared folder will be counted against the quota of every member of that folder, unless each person is on the same Dropbox Business team or Dropbox Family plan. For Business teams and Family plans, the size of the shared folder only counts once against the shared quota.

For all other users, your Dropbox storage quota is calculated by adding up the total amount of data in your Dropbox folder, including all shared folders and files collected from file requests. As a result, the owner of a Dropbox Basic 18 GB (2 GB + bonus storage earned through referrals) account will not be able to collaborate on a shared folder larger than 18 GB. One reason this policy exists is to prevent people from giving themselves unlimited space by stacking Basic accounts with shared folders.

If you need more space, consider upgrading to Dropbox Plus, Family, or Professional.


Dropbox Business


Dropbox Business is designed for projects, groups, and other organizations that want to share the same Dropbox storage quota with all of their members.

If you're on a Dropbox Business team and you share a folder with someone else on your team, the shared folder uses only the team's aggregate storage quota. However, if you share a folder with someone not included in your team, the folder uses both your team's space and space on the account of the person you shared with.

Learn more about Dropbox Business.

If you pay for a Dropbox subscription plan, then the deal just got a little sweeter in terms of cloud storage and features, but there is a cost downside.

Dropbox Plus subscribers will now enjoy 2TB of storage, up from 1TB, as well as adding Dropbox Smart Sync and Dropbox Rewind features as standard. Smart Sync allows you to access all of your files and folders stored in Dropbox without ever having to worry if they are on the hard drive or in the cloud. Dropbox automatically handles that for you and it also means you don't have to worry about running out of local storage space.

Rewind will undo accidental deletions on command, be that a single file or a whole folder. You can perform the undo and rewind to any point in the past 30 days of Dropbox account activity on the Plus plan. This is also a really useful feature if you are experiencing a ransomware or other malware infection and need to undo the damage caused. Dropbox is also promising full text search for all your files, even those scanned with the mobile app, but it's currently listed as a 'coming soon' feature.

Such generosity doesn't usually happen without a reason, and this is no exception. The increased storage and additional standard features come alongside a new pricing structure. Dropbox Plus did cost $9.99 per month, but that's now increased to $11.99 for new subscribers. Existing subscribers will continue to pay the old price until the end of their current billing cycle, but will get the extra storage and new features immediately. If you sign up for an annual plan the price drops $2 a month to $9.99.

For Professional plan subscribers, the price is remaining the same at $19.99 a month or $16.58 if paid annually. Storage is increasing from 2TB to 3TB, Dropbox Rewind works for the last 180 days (up from 120 days), and Enhanced Smart Sync will move out-of-date items off your computer and into the cloud automatically.

Dropbox 3tb

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Finally, Dropbox Business plans will also retain the same pricing, but storage is increasing from 3TB to 5TB and file history will run 180 days (up from 120 days).