Direct Mail Promotional Items


Direct mail has a more personal, local, and traditional feel than email or online advertising. Your direct mail, whether it’s a card alone or includes a promotional gift, can be posted to the fridge or kept on the counter as a physical reminder of your outreach and your availability—whether that’s now, or in a month or two or three. Aug 14, 2017 Despite the popularity of digital marketing, direct mail still has a place in today’s market. Finding new and interesting ways to engage your audience is the key to it’s success. Many companies no longer use direct mail as a marketing strategy, so there’s a real opportunity to capitalise. Consider mixing it up with some of Direct Mail: 10 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love.


Direct mail promotional items to improve your mail campaigns.

1. Logo objects. You can imprint your logo and contact information on a variety of promotional items. For example, you can send Bookmarks so they can use it everyday and see your company name. Printed magnet cards with some kind of useful reference information (like measurement converters). Logo pens are another very popular direct mail promotional items. People always can use a pen and like getting them free.


Direct Mail Promotional Items For Restaurants

2. Microfiber products. Microfiber computer screen cleaning cloths make a highly valued gift. Imprint your name on the item and your logo visibility is high. They will clean screens, glasses and phones with your logo staring at them Its a great direct mail promotional items.


Direct Mail Promotional Items

3. USB Flash Drives. Logo USB drives are surprisingly inexpensive, and are a very impressive giveaway. Put your website URL on a flash drive and customers will plug them in to see what you have to say.

Direct Mail Promotional Items For Business

6. CDs or DVDs. Another inexpensive tech gift but just as good as a flash drive is a CD / DVD where you present you rlogo is on the disk and the message it brings.

7. Food gifts. Everyone loves food gifts. It is a fun idea is to send a fortune cookie or home made chocolate chip cookies or chocolates. Use a experienced company to send a good looking gift that has some shelf life and tastes great.

How To Stop Promotional Mail

Using a professional promotional products company is a must. Choose someone who has experience and creativity to effectively use direct mail promotional items. TY Ink Promotions has experienced staff that will come up with creative ideas and develop a direct mail promotional items campaign that will knock your socks off. They cater to manufacturing businesses healthcare companies and colleges. If you are a school then ask about thier affinity program for college scholarships