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This Return on Investment is the very reason why direct mail is making such a comeback! Copy General mails postcards and invitations, newsletters and reports, conference packets and more. We can address each piece while we’re printing, resulting in jobs that are ready to go to the post office shortly after they come off the press.

How to Write Direct Mail Marketing Copy that Converts

When it comes to copywriting, there are some things that never change: give the reader benefits over features, use the active tense and powerful verbs to grab attention, make the copy punchy and easy to read. While these and other rules are more or less written in stone, every advertising medium has its own best practices to consider.

If you’re working on a direct mail marketing campaign, you should know how to make the biggest impact you can by writing persuasive, professional copy tailored specifically to your target audience. Keep the following tips in mind when you’re brainstorming for your next campaign and you’ll be writing compelling, conversion-driving direct mail copy in no time.

  • Use Popular Copywriting Formulas. Newer copywriters can use copywriting formulas to help them.
  • The best direct mail copy with a good offer and sent to the right people will give you a better ROI than any other marketing channel. Make sure you are testing your copy separate from offer testing. You want to know how your copy is working. To track that, use an offer that you know people already respond to.
  • Don’t be too direct in your marketing approach. When creating ad copy for your direct mail ad, don’t come on too strong or too fast in your sales pitch. Ease into the subject by introducing an intriguing fact in your introductory paragraph or start out by writing about a problem your product can solve.
  • Make it easy to read. When people pick up a sales piece, they'll start by quickly glancing through it.

Start with a Great Headline

Headlines need to be bright, bold, and attention-grabbing in both appearance and substance. This is true of everything from postcards to sales letters. Keep your headline short and use words like “save,” “new” or “free.” These convey a sense of value to the reader, grabbing their attention and compelling them to read further. Numbers like percentages and specific dollar amounts can take abstract benefits and turn them into concrete savings. Here are some examples:

  • Save 34% on Your Home Heating Costs!
  • New! Be the First to Try Our Product!
  • Save 50% - One Weekend Only

Use White Space to Your Advantage

Don’t overly clutter your direct mailer with copy. Readers are likely to be turned off by an impenetrable wall of text. Keep your writing punchy, with short paragraphs and bulleted lines describing only the most important pieces of information: who, what and why. This will guide your customers to read the whole ad, leading them directly to your call to action.

Have an Angle

Great direct mail copy has an interesting angle and suggests a story for the reader. A good piece of direct mail copy might say something like, “Save money on your Thanksgiving groceries by shopping with us.” A great piece of copy would put a spin on the concept and create something relatable. “Keep the whole family happy this Thanksgiving, with enough money left over for Black Friday.”

Direct Mail Copywriter

The second line of copy evokes past holidays, potential for the upcoming holiday and plants the seed of a narrative with the mention of Black Friday. This will keep your ad in your customer’s head a lot more effectively than our first example.

Make it Personal

Experts recommend a casual, informal style of writing for direct mail advertising. This puts readers at each and they feel as though they are having a conversation with you. The bottom line is that customers buy from people they like. With data collected from customer databases and use of variable data printing, the possibilities for personalized direct mail marketing are greater than ever.

By taking advantage of variable data printing, you can include every individual customer’s name, past purchases and other custom data to make your mailer uniquely catered to them and increase the effectiveness of your copy.

Include a Powerful Call to Action

If you didn’t want your customers to take any action you wouldn’t be sending them mail in the first place. Guide them in the right direction with an effective call to action. Depending on your business and the nature of the ad this can be anything from, “Visit our new location with this flier for a free sample!” to, “Sign up for our new online mailing list!”

Effective new additions to the classic call to action are QR codes and personalized URLs. By including a customized QR code you can give your customers the opportunity to follow through on your call to action immediately by scanning with their smartphones. Personalized URLs like are an enticing way to direct customers to content catered specially to them. This increases engagement and makes it possible to precisely track campaign performance with analytics.

Of course, even the best copy is worthless without the right design, printing and effective fulfillment. That’s why you need Merritt Graphics Print Solutions. With full print and fulfillment services for direct mail marketing, including on-demand digital printing, variable data printing and more Merritt Graphics has everything you need to take your direct mail marketing to the next level.

How To Write Direct Mail Copy

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