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Corporate America Worries WeChat Ban Could Be Bad for Business: WSJ More FILE PHOTO: The messenger app WeChat is seen in between China flags in this illustration picture taken August 7, 2020. WeChat had more than 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2020. The social media platform had 2.8 million users back in 2011. Leveraging the experience from WeChat super APP for personal purposes, Tencent has developed an Enterprise set of tools for team collaboration, management, and communication with the idea of overcoming the drawbacks of using personal software at work. WeChat at Work or WeChat Work, formerly WeChat Enterprise Accounts, is now a separate app. WeChat official account is a special type of account on the WeChat platform launched in 2012. Companies use these accounts to get in touch with their customers, both actively and passively. Marketing, sales of physical products and the payment or booking of products and services are all available for companies to register in China.

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Wechat Corporate Account

Abstract: This study tackles the gap in public relations research on how corporations utilize WeChat, the dominant social media in China, to communicate and interact with publics. Using a content analysis of 1,488 WeChat posts of 15 top Chinese business-to-consumer enterprises, this study examined how the organizational factors (i.e., company type, ownership, and industry) and message factors (i.e.., media form and content type) affect the outcomes of corporate WeChat communication with the publics. Key findings included that multinational enterprises drove more traffic and likes to their posts than their local counterparts. State-holding enterprises gained more views than those that are privately-owned but not likes. The automobile industry communicated most engagingly. Posts in the form of text with image performed most effective. In addition, WeChat users preferred marketing posts with text and image over those for the relationship cultivation purpose when communicating with the corporations. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

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